How to Apply Foundation on the Face

How To : Apply foundation on the face

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to apply foundation on the face. The material required are: liquid foundation, concealer stick, loose powder, foundation brush and powder brush. All the products are from the brand, BYS. Begin by adding some liquid foundation onto your ...more

How To : Apply foundation with a brush

This YouTube video is of Christine from demonstrating how to apply basic foundation with a 109 brush by mac that is small. First take face primer, try silicon free primer. Apply to your entire face. This helps to keep make up on for longer and is suggested for pe ...more

How To : Apply general face makeup

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply general face makeup. First, apply lotion and primer to your face before you place anything else on your face. To apply your foundation, use a foundation brush and blend together different colors of foundation. Start by applying the found ...more

How To : Apply foundation with the 190 brush

This video shows how to apply a liquid foundation with the 190 brush. The problem with this brush is that it leaves a lot of streaks in your makeup. Pour a bit of the foundation onto the back of your hand. Then spritz your face, hand and the brush with a little water. Dip the ...more

How To : Easily apply foundation to create the perfect base

In order to apply perfect foundation, powder, and concealer for a flawless look, you will need the following: foundation, powder, concealer, and brushes. To have a good final product, it has to start with the right shade of foundation. Therefore, you must be careful to choose ...more

How To : Get a flawless skin foundation face

Ever wonder how to get a flawless face? Kandee Johnson shows you how. After cleansing your face or getting out of the shower, use St. Tropez bronzer and then moisturize. After moisturizing, apply foundation using fingertips. Kandee uses Lauren Mercier Moisturizing Foundation i ...more

How To : Apply foundation quickly and easily everyday

This video illustrates how to apply foundation quickly and easily everyday. This process is done by using the following steps. Step 1 Take a small amount of cream on your palm and apply it on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Step 2 Let it sink into your skin so leave it for ...more

How To : Apply MUFE face & body liquid makeup

In this video, we learn how to apply MUFE face & body liquid makeup. First, pour the foundation out onto your hand and then take your foundation brush and dip it into the liquid. After this, start to brush the makeup on your face, starting with the side of the forehead and wor ...more

How To : Get rid of dark circles and apply foundation

Hayley P. shows her viewers how to apply makeup with a foundation brush to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. If you follow her instructions, you will reduce the appearance of dark circles and you will look more awake. To start the makeup application proce ...more

How To : Apply Revlon Colorstay foundation

Revlon Color stay foundation is a great makeup that can be applied easily for a flawless look! Follow the instructional tutorial and learn how to apply this makeup evenly for the best results possible. The easiest way to apply this foundation is using a damp sponge. Take the f ...more

How To : Apply full coverage evening foundation

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply full coverage evening foundation. First, you will want to apply a cream that has Silica in it, which will fill in any fine lines. Next, you will want to apply a powder foundation, something like Mac StudioFix Full Coverage Foundation. Ma ...more

How To : Create a flawless face with airbrush foundation

Let's be honest here: Most of us weren't born with makeup ad-worthy skin. Even if we had a perfect complexion when we were kids, teen acne, hormonal changes, and dry spots contribute to uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, meaning not so clear skin. Luckily, you can fake w ...more

How To : Apply face creams and lotions

Handbag TV’s make-up guru, John Gustafson shows you how best to apply face creams and lotions. Apply face creams and lotions. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Apply foundation

In these makeup application videos you will learn tips, techniques, and advice from a professional makeup artist. Part 1 of 17 - How to Apply foundation. Apply foundation - Part 2 of 17. Click through to watch this video on Apply foundation - Part 3 of 17. Cl ...more

How To : Apply foundation to mature skin

Apply Foundation To Mature Skin. Make-up artist Julia Biddlecombe shows us how to apply foundation to mature skin. This step-by-step guide will make you look years younger! Apply foundation to mature skin. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Match and apply foundation for dark skin

In this video, we learn how to match and apply foundation for dark skin. When you apply your foundation, you want to make sure you apply oil free on your skin to prevent break outs. Use cocoa butter on your skin as well before you apply foundation to make it go on easier. Find ...more

How To : Apply foundation and touch up the eyebrows

Makeup artist Janeen Loria, shows you how to apply foundation and touch up your eye brows. These techniques work for when you are in a hurry to get to your party yet still want to look like a glamorous star. Apply foundation and touch up the eyebrows. Click through to watch th ...more

How To : Properly apply foundation

A lot of people make the mistake of putting concealer on first causing them to look like they're wearing way too much make-up. This video will teach you that foundation must go first and to how to properly apply it. Properly apply foundation. Click through to watch this video ...more

How To : Apply foundation using a brush

Instead of using your fingers to apply makeup, use a brush to create a flawless finish. This video is demonstrates using a M.A.C. 187 Duo Fibre Brush, Hyper Real Foundation: NC-300, and Vanilla Pigment. Learn how to put on foundation using a brush; just watch this video makeup ...more

How To : Apply foundation when doing someone's makeup

Want to apply foundation like a professional beautician? This clip will teach you everything you'll need to know. With a little patience and the right equipment and technique, creating stunning makeup looks can be a cinch. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step ...more

How To : Apply foundation correctly

This tutorial will show you how to apply foundation correctly. Remember, if you want to have a light coverage, mix your foundation in with your moisturizer to act as a tinted moisturizer and for even lighter coverage, use your 187 brush.

How To : Apply flawless face makeup

This video provides makeup tips on how to apply flawless face makeup. This video elaborates on the order in which you would apply face makeup to attain a flawless finish.

How To : Apply liquid foundation to dark skin tones

Make-up artist Claire De-Graft shows how to choose and apply foundation to dark skin. All you need is a large make-up brush, liquid foundation, facial wipe and cleanser, toner, and facial powder. Apply liquid foundation to dark skin tones. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Apply rainbow face paint

Everybody loves a rainbow. Now, you can walk around with a rainbow on your face by following this quick tutorial to learn how to apply face paint giving a rainbow design.

How To : Apply liquid foundation evenly using charged water

Even, natural-looking foundation that covers up redness and flaws but doesn't look caked on or fake is the desired basis of any makeup look. But it just so happens that the rudimentary skill of applying foundation evenly is one of the hardest for most women to master. So if y ...more

How To : Apply two-face Dr Jekyll inspired Halloween makeup

Using many different types of makeup including eyeliners, eyeshadow, lip-gloss etc, to create a Halloween makeup costume. This video starts with the result of the tutorial, a triple cross between a witch, Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. The fourteen minute tutorial starts from a fre ...more

How To : Apply professional, flawless foundation with tips

There are lots of key parts to creating beautiful makeup, but if you had to ask us for the most important step we'd without a doubt say foundation. Good skin looks good no matter what other type of makeup you decide to you put on, whether it's smoky eyes or red lips. That's be ...more

How To : Apply light summer foundation

This is a video tutorial on how to apply a light foundation of makeup for those sweaty summer days! (I do realize the one side of my bronzer is not blended that well, keep in mind I had to do this really fast so I didn't have time to go over it properly as I normally would.) ...more

How To : Apply a "Two Face" from Batman makeup look

It's summertime and blockbuster films are everywhere! In anticipation of the new Dark Night movie, Erik is showing you how to recreate some serious chemical burns on your face! With the help of this tutorial video, you will look just like Harvey Dent aka Two Face!

How To : Apply luminous and glowing foundation

This sequence of videos will show you how to get that glowing luminous look with your foundation and blush. This makeup method takes a bit more time but it's worth it for that special event or evening out. Part 1 of 2 - How to Apply luminous and glowing foundation. Part 2 of ...more

How To : Apply Studio Fix fluid foundation

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply M.A.C's Studio Fix fluid foundation. You can use a sponge, a 109 or a 187 brush. Prepare a clean smooth surface to prep products. Choose a moisturizer that works for your skin.

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