How to Bright Eyes in Photoshop

How To : Brighten eyes in Photoshop

Sometimes taking the perfect photos can be difficult to achieve.There are so many things that can go wrong, it's great to have a software program like Photoshop in your computer. With it, you're not only able to lighten skin color and get rid of unwanted blemishes, but you can ...more

How To : Brighten eyes with the unsharpen mask in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to use the unsharpen mask filter to brighten someone's eyes in an image. The point of this tutorial is to learn how to use the unsharpen mask filter in Photoshop. You can apply this technique to much more than just touching up eyes.

How To : Change the color of eyes using Photoshop

From TutVid comes a great Photoshop tutorial. Follow this short tutorial and learn how to change someone's eye color. Find the picture of someone you want to use. This works best if the eyes are bright and visible. First, make a new layer. Then use the ellipse select tool, and ...more

How To : Play "Lua" by Bright Eyes on the ukulele

Want to play Bright Eyes' "Lua" on the ukulele? Learn how with this free video ukulele lesson from Ukulele Mike. Whether you play the ukulele or bass kazoo, there is no better way to improve your chops than by learning to play your favorite songs. Not only is it more fun and m ...more

How To : Play "Something Vague" by Bright Eyes on guitar

Watch this guitar tutorial video to learn how to play "Something Vague" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar. Instruction includes names of chords and finger picking. Intermediate guitarists will have no trouble learning how to play Bright Eyes' "Something Vague" on acoustic guit ...more

How To : Play "Landlocked Blues" by Bright Eyes on guitar

Learn how to play "Landlocked Blues" by Bright Eyes. Capo on the 3rd fret Here are the chords that are used in the VERSE, watch the video to see what order you play them in: C: X32010 G: 320033 Am: X02210 The "he shot me dead" part: X32310 CHORUS: Am: X02210 G: 320033 C: ...more

How To : Play "Lime Tree" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar

Learn how to play "Lime Tree" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar. Here are the chords that are in the song. NOTE: these are just the chords that are used, they are not in order, just watch the video to get the order they are played in. Verse: G: 320033 G/F#: 2X0033 C: X32010 A ...more

How To : Play "Lover I Don't Have To Love" by Bright Eyes

Learn how to play "Lover I Don't Have to Love" by Bright Eyes transcribed on an acoustic guitar. ***This is the intro on piano*** -________________________ -___5___________5_____1__ -_5__5_4575____5__5__2__2 -7___________4_____3_____ -_________________________ - ***These are ...more

How To : Play "Road to Joy" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar

Learn how to play "Road to Joy" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar. This song is played with a capo on the 1st fret. -1111111---- -0-----0---- -2023-32---- -3---------- ------------ The Chorus goes like this: E,Am,F,G,C -00000 -01131 -12200 -22302 -20-23 -0---3-

How To : Creates a bright eyes makeup look for dark skin

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to create a flashy look with bright eyes and neutral lips that compliments women with darker skin. Use a berry colored eye shadow with a gold shimmer. Create a cat eye shape with darker eye shadow colors using a wet application method. ...more

How To : Play "Lua" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar

Learn how to play "Lua" by Bright Eyes on acoustic guitar Remember, there is a capo on the 7th fret. VERSE: !!These are ONLY the chords used in the song, watch the video for the order!!! G - 320033 OR 320003 C - X32010 Am - X02210 D - XX0232 CHORUS: once again, these are ONL ...more

How To : Play" At the Bottom of Everything" by Bright Eyes

Learn how to play "At the Bottom of Everything" off the Im Wide Awake Its Morning album. The chords used throughout the song are as follows: Intro:Mute the strings and strum. Verse: C, F, C, F, G, C, F, C, G, C Chorus: F, G, C, F, F, G, Am, F, G End on: C, G, C... C CHORD - ...more

How To : Enhance and retouch eyes in Photoshop CS4

There are few features as difficult to touch up as eyes – and, what's worse, most people have two of them! Learn to retouch eyes with this Photoshop how-to. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular image editing software or simply looking to pick up a few new tips and tricks, you ...more

How To : Apply bright sunset eyes using Ben Nye Pallet

The tutorial here will teach you how to make bright sunset eyes using a Ben Nye Pallet. This eye makeup video will be sure to add a splash of color to your face. Products used: Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Azela, vanilla pigment (MAC), chartreuse, jade, and cosmic blue.

How To : Enhance eyes in Photoshop

Think the eyes in your photograph could pop a little more? In this Photoshop tutorial from Adam Bonilla, learn one process for enhancing the eyes in Photoshop. Get tips and tricks on how to retouch the eyes for a commercial client.

How To : Enhance brown eyes in Photoshop

This image editing software tutorial shows you how to enhance brown eyes in Photoshop CS3. Learn how to take really dark, flat looking brown eyes and lighten, brighten and add depth and color to them in this Photoshop CS3 tutorial. Remember this is just to show you the process ...more

How To : Touch up eyes in Photoshop

This tutorial teaches us how to touch up eyes while using Photoshop. First, open up Photoshop and zoom into the eyes on a picture you want to touch up the eyes on. First, select the adjustment layer icon and brighten the image. Next, invert the mass and select the "v" key, the ...more

How To : Make cool green eyes in Photoshop

In this video we learn to make green eyes in Photoshop. According to this video, it is very simple to change the color of eyes and make beautiful eyes. First, we zoom in on the eye and with the help of the pencil tool. We select the border of the eye. Then we right click on th ...more

How To : Change the color of your eyes using Photoshop

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to change the color of eyes using Adobe Photoshop. Begin by selecting the Magnetic Lasso tool and create a selection around the eye. To create a second selection without losing the first one, hold the Shift key. Now go to Image, click ...more

How To : Manipulate eyes in Photoshop CS3

This software tutorial will show you how to utilize the levels tools in Adobe Photoshop CS3 to create a fascinating eye effect. You can use this Photoshop method to change eye color, or manipulate eyes to be good, evil or whatever you wish.

How To : Change the color of a person's eyes with Photoshop

Changing the color of your eyes is very quick using Photoshop and this handy video. After using the selection tool of your choice to outline the eye (this video uses the pen tool) with a little bit of feathering, just change the hue of the eye. The video shows how to do this b ...more

How To : Get cool blue eyes in Photoshop

The presenter beings the video by describing the screen cast program he is using to record the video. It is giving him some problems but he asks us to bear with him. The video then shows before and after images to demonstrate the effect. The effect is achieved by duplicating t ...more

How To : Whiten teeth and enhance eyes in Photoshop

The white bits on a person's face are often what make them appear healthiest and happiest. In this tutorial, learn how to enhance someone's face by improving the white areas of their faces. In it, you will learn how to focus on the eyes and teeth of your subject to whiten and ...more

How To : Taxidermy a dead rat and add bright red LED eyes

This is gruesome. Beware. Don't watch if you're easily grossed out. The rat has a battery access hatch made out of velcro on its back, not shown in the film. If you solder a battery, make sure you do it quick - if the battery is exposed to heat from the soldering gun for too l ...more

How To : Retouch and enhance eyes in Adobe Photoshop CS4

See how to use Adobe Photoshop CS4 to make the eyes of your subject pop. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular graphic editing program or a seasoned design professional looking to better acquaint yourself with the new features and functions of this particular iteration of the ...more

How To : Fix pet eyes with Adobe Photoshop

You probably have some cute digital pictures of your pets that are perfect but for a common problem known as red eye, or in this case pet eye. Use Adobe Photoshop to fix pet eye and make your photos look professional.

How To : Fix red eyes in Adobe Photoshop

You probably have some digital pictures that are perfect but for a common problem known as red eye. Use Adobe Photoshop to fix red eye and make your photos look professional.

How To : Make eyes stand out in images in Photoshop

When working with photos of people and animals, the first point of focus is always the eyes. Learn some helpful hints on how to make the eyes of your subject stand out even more. Make eyes stand out in images in Photoshop. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Change people's eye color in Photoshop CS4

Have you ever wished that you had different colored eyes? Or, for that matter, wished that Vanessa Hudgens had different colored eyes? Changing your real eye color is difficult and expensive, but this video tutorial will show you how to change the color of the eyes in photogra ...more

How To : Get rid of red eye in Photoshop

In this video, we learn how to get rid of red eyes while using Photoshop. Make sure you have Photoshop open with your picture up and you're ready to go. First, on the left hand side you will find a "healing brush" tool (which is 7 tools down from the top), click on that and th ...more

How To : Remove red eye with the channel mixer in Photoshop

If you or someone you know has light eyes, then you are no stranger to red eye sneaking into your photos. Red eye is an annoying addition to most photos taken with a flash camera. Luckily, if you have Photoshop, this is easy to fix. With this tutorial, learn how to use the Cha ...more

How To : Do a bright, cheery carnival makeup look

It's summer, gals, which means it's time to have fun with your makeup and break out of your nudes and neutrals mold. So no, that doesn't mean venturing into scary chocolate browns and - gasp! - even royal purples. We're talking about full on, so bright it'll blind your eyes c ...more

How To : Balance out exposures in images with Photoshop CS4

In this Photoshop tutorial, Richard Harrington takes a look at balancing out exposure issues inside of Photoshop CS4. Mixed lighting on a photo can cause portions of the image to be too bright or too dark, fortunately Photoshop gives us some great tools to take care of these t ...more

How To : Create a Katy Perry inspired silvery thick cat eye

Katy Perry would never step foot on the red carpet without wearing something - on her face or body - that shocks and entertains. Recently, the singer has been sporting multicolored extensions in magenta and blue as well as really thick cat eyes and silver eye makeup (with a br ...more

How To : Make glowing LED creature costume eyes

By using LEDs that only put out a little light the eyes can be lit in dim room light but still appear white, the moment the eyes are in shadow they glow bright red. Watch this video tutorial to see how to make glowing LED creature costume eyes for your film or costume project. ...more

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