How to Decorate in Pottery

How To : Decorate bisque pottery with red iron oxide

This is a video tutorial of decorating bisque with red iron oxide. Red iron oxide can be layered, fired, watered-down, and used in many ways to add a finish to a piece of bisque pottery. Bisqueware absorbs the color easily, so the two materials work well together. Pick up some ...more

How To : Use radial fluting to decorate pottery

Watch this ceramics tutorial video to learn how to use radial fluting to decorate your pottery. This technique is simple enough for beginners and adds a lot to your pottery. The tips in this helpful how-to video will allow you to decorate your pottery beautifully with radial f ...more

How To : Decorate pottery with slip

This is a video tutorial using B-3 brown slip to decorate bisque-ware. The slip is just throw water from an earlier project, so this technique is a creative way to use all materials available without waste. Learn how to decorate pottery with slip by watching this video ceramic ...more

How To : Decorate raw clay pottery with white slip

In this video pottery-making tutorial, Simon uses a white slip made from half china clay and half stoneware clay. Slip is an alternative to glaze for finishing a potted project. Simon also demonstrates an easy project to make a paint brush holder that will keep tools in place ...more

How To : Decorate earthenware with porcelain slip and paper

Shredded paper is a great way to create a design on an earthenware piece, as it will burn away during the firing process. Porcelain slip can be simple throw water from old porcelain pottery projects. Learn how to decorate earthenware pottery projects with porcelain slip and sh ...more

How To : Make pottery

In this online video series, learn how to make pottery, from ceramics expert Betty Ingham. She will demonstrate important ceramics techniques such as how to throw on the potter's wheel - learn how to center, open, and form clay on the potter's wheel. She will also demonstrate ...more

How To : Decorate little cups

Watch this ceramics tutorial video to learn some different ways to decorate little cups and other pottery. The cups used are leather-hard. You should start with a base color and then paint designs over it. The detailed instructions in this how-to video are helpful to any potte ...more

How To : Decorate on a budget for a farmhouse brunch

The wonderful thing about a "farmhouse brunch" theme is that most of the materials you'll need to decorate are natural and quite affordable. From sprigs of flowers to brown string to burlap, you probably already have most of the things you need lying around the house. A light ...more

How To : Decorate ceramic wall vases and dry clay

Simon Leach's series of high-quality pottery videos marches on. In this installment he teaches us how to dry some high-quality clay that he has just acquired from a cement works, and also how to decorate some hanging clay wall pots he made in a previous installment.

How To : Decorate ceramic pots

Raku pottery artist Simon Leach feels that while most people who work with ceramics are taught how to make them, very few are taught how to decorate them. Simon will show you how to draw inspiration from your ceramic pots that will lead you to the perfect decorations. He shows ...more

How To : Decorate and band mugs

Watch this ceramics tutorial video to learn how to decorate your mugs and other pottery by using the technique of banding. The detailed instructions in this how-to video will be helpful to potters of any skill level. Decorating your mugs using banding will be easy once you've ...more

How To : Decorate your ceramic pot art

In this video, potter Simon Leach offers tips on how he decorates the ceramic pots that he has made. This video offers some great suggestions on decorating pottery that you have made, or have purchased unfinished. This video does not teach any specific decorating techniques, b ...more

How To : Decorate ceramics with a torch

Try using a blowtorch to dry the outer portion of a ceramic pot. While the clay is still on the pottery wheel, cut light marks into the outer wall of the pot. Dry the outermost layer of wet clay with a blowtorch. When you continue to stretch and form the wet clay on the wheel, ...more

How To : Make a blue Wedgwood pottery inspired cake

We've seen lots of interesting inspiration for cake decorating, including trees, purses, and polar bears, but never a vase. In this video tutorial you'll learn how to craft an impressive cake inspired by Wedgewood pottery. Wedgwood is a pottery firm started by Josiah Wedgwood ...more

How To : Make pottery cups and vases

In this video series our expert will demonstrate how to make pottery cups and vases. Pottery cylinders can range in size and shape, but are quite useful and beautiful. Our expert will demonstrate how to wedge, center and form clay into cups and vases. You will also learn how t ...more

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