How to Decoupage

How To : Decorate a picture frame using decoupage

Not sure what decoupage is? Then watch this video to find out! It will show you how to turn an ordinary, drab wooden picture frame into a decorative wood picture frame using decoupage (gluing different kinds of paper onto unfinished wood).

How To : Decorate a gift box or jewelry box with decoupage

Start with a basic cardboard box. You will also need some paper (wrapping paper or desginer paper works best), some Mod Podge, scissors, a length of ribbon and some card stock to form stencils. Then, decorate as you wish! Add embellishments like buttons or appliques as well.

How To : Make a decoupage antique book page as an accent

Add a literary accent to your boxes or other arts and crafts project. This tutorial shows you how to take a page from a book and artificially distress it to make it look antique. Then decoupage it onto the side of your box or anywhere else you want a little antique flair!

How To : Make decoupage soap in Rosie O'Donnell's Crafty U show

Rosie O'Donnell web show demonstrates an easy and quick way to make decoupage soap. Use dried flower or paper cutouts and glue to add a flare to ordinary soap. Make decoupage soap in Rosie O'Donnell's Crafty U show. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Make mosaic and decoupage bookends

Decoupage is a great arts and crafts technique. Learn how to create your own mosaic bookends in these free videos. Part 1 of 22 - How to Make mosaic and decoupage bookends. Make mosaic and decoupage bookends - Part 2 of 22. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Decoupage

In this video series, our expert will demonstrate how to decoupage a variety of household items. With step-by-step instructions, our expert will show you how to cut the paper for your decoupage project, how to glue the paper to your object and how to smooth and cut the edges f ...more

How To : Decoupage mirrors with Rosie O'Donnell

Learn to decoupage mirrors in Rosie O'Donnell's craft corner. Add a personal decorative touch to mirrors with wrapping paper and polymer. Decoupage mirrors with Rosie O'Donnell. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Do napkin decoupage

Corinne Bradd shows Kristy Clark how to create stunning pieces for home decoration with the clever technique of napkin decoupage.

How To : Make a decoupage piggy bank

In this video series, our expert will demonstrate how to make a decoupage piggy bank. With step-by-step instructions, our expert will show you how to cut the paper for your decoupage project, how to glue the paper to your object and how to smooth and cut the edges for a beauti ...more

How To : Make a decoupage chessboard tabletop

This is a great video clip series that will not only give you a great start on your decoupage idea but maybe also give you a few new ones. Our expert, Karen Weisman, is a whiz with arts and crafts. Part 1 of 9 - How to Make a decoupage chessboard tabletop. Make a decoupage che ...more

How To : Decoupage a picture frame

In this tutorial, we learn how to decoupage a picture frame. This is the art of gluing paper onto a smooth surface, then applying lacquer over it. First, gather all of your tools, including foam brushes. Next, stick the papers you want onto the smooth surface, using glue. Then ...more

How To : Decoupage keepsake boxes for Valentine's Day

A great gift to offer someone for Valentine's Day is something you make yourself. In this tutorial, learn how to make a celebrity style keepsake box using decoupage techniques. This box can hold anything from gifts to precious items to little trinkets. So, the next time you n ...more

How To : Make Anna Griffin Paper Decoupage Red Floral Card

In this cardmaking tutorial I make a gorgeous card using cut out decoupage from a sheet of 12x12inch paper from Anna Griffins range of fabulous papers. I finish off the card with the matching leaves and paper curls. This looks like a time consuming card but apart from the cutt ...more

How To : Make a Peony Decoupage Gold Embossed Card

In this cardmaking tutorial, I make a 7x7inch square card using the Pink Peonies from a decoupage collection kit. I also use embossed card and some gorgeous corners to create a really pretty card. Step 1: Items Used I made a 7x7inch square card base in natural cardstock from ...more

News : How to Make a Hello Darling Stack Decoupage Card

In this cardmaking tutorial I make a glorious card from the DCWV Hello Darling cardstock stack. It is a easy to make card but it looks so impressive, ideal for anyone that likes a little bit of fussy cutting and decoupage, all from the stack.. Step 1: Now Watch the Tutorial V ...more

News : Painstakingly Crafted 3D Paper Art

Korean artist Cheong-ah Hwang creates three-dimensional paper art by layering pieces of cut paper upon pieces, decoupage-style. The paper bird is fantastic, as well as her Obi Wan Kenobi & more. Scroll down for process photos. Process:

How To : Make Perfect Scrabble Tile Pendants

Gather Supplies Ready to make the best Scrabble tile pendant possible? This easy tutorial will show you how to make your own custom necklace out of a Scrabble® tile. It will take about 1 hour of work, but there is time needed to let the pendant dry and cure. Ready to start? ...more

How To : Decorate a bangle bracelet

Two ladies are discussing how to prepare to decoupage a wooden bangle bracelet. They are using a broad wooden bangle crafted from birch wood that can be purchased at a local craft store and printed tissue paper, for example, one in an animal print. This is part one of a three ...more

How To : Decorate a shadow box for collectibles

Whether you want to commemorate a special event or just keep the dust off mementos, a shadow box is a great way to show off your treasures. Watch this howcast video to learn how to decorate a shadow box. You will need: items to display a shadow box scissors fabric or decorativ ...more

How To : Make Christmas ornaments from CDs

This video from Educational Art Institute shows us how to repurpose old CDs for use as Christmas ornaments. There are many different ways to do this. One idea is to use glue applied onto the CD in any pattern or design and add one or more colors of glitter. If you don't like t ...more

How To : Make a table top puppet theater

Make a folding puppet theater that stores easily and comes alive with your own designs, including decoupage, stencils, and stickers in this free craft video series. Part 1 of 24 - How to Make a table top puppet theater. Make a table top puppet theater - Part 2 of 24. Click thr ...more

How To : Turn old magazines into a coiled blanket

Have a bunch of old magazines sitting around the house you'd like to recycle? Use old magazines to make a cool basket that suits your more eco-friendly side. Learn how to make a coiled basket out of magazines with help from this how-to video. What you will need: • Old magazi ...more

How To : Make hand mirrors

Make a homemade hand mirror with paint, paper, glue, and tiles. Learn how to make decoupage or mosaic hand mirrors in this free home crafting video. Part 1 of 26 - How to Make hand mirrors. Make hand mirrors - Part 2 of 26. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Craft a simple decorative frame with Mod Podge

Mod Podge is well known in the world of crafts, and if you haven't used it yet for your découpage needs, then you have to check out this video tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks. You'll learn a simple frame project, in which you'll make a beautiful DIY handmade frame with Mod Podge ...more

How To : Make Vintage Showstopper Floral Frame Card

This gorgeous card is so easy to make and here I show you how, using some fabulous floral papers, however you could use any on hand, this card is a showstopper. Step 1: Items Used 7x5inch Ivory blank card Anna Griffin Cardstock and papers from the French Floral Collection Spe ...more

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