How to Do Freezes Breakdance

How To : Do a Windmill Breakdance move

Looking for a show stopping powermove? Check out this video to learn the windmill. The windmill is a great breakdance move that will leave everyone in the audience speechless. If you need to learn the hang glide freeze, hop over to this video.

How To : Do a breakdance crab walk

In this video, we learn how to do a breakdance crab walk. Start on the ground, bringing the feet into the air. Then, bring the left hand back and your right hand out in front of you. Lean side to side to help you shift your weight. You need to get comfortable with both crab fr ...more

How To : Breakdance

The popularity of breakdancing waned by the late 1980s, but has been recently rediscovered by a new generation of dancers who perform in professional competitions. While taking breakdance lessons might seem to violate the very ethos of the “streets” movement which spawned the ...more

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