How to Do the Basic Shuffle

How to C Walk the Shuffle : basic, spin, step, stomp, kick

This tutorial will teach you a basic move of the c walk: the shuffle and shuffle moves. The moves are: shuffle, shuffle kick, shuffle step, shuffle stomp, and the shuffle spin. C Walking or Crip walking / Clow walking is the smooth movement of one's feet to hip hop or rap. Thi ...more

How To : Dance the basic Melbourne Shuffle

This is a Melbourne Shuffle dance basics tutorial. It covers the Shuffle, Running Man and Transition. This is a sort of Jumpstyle that has parts of linedancing and hip hop woven into the moves. It's from Australia and the lesson breaks down each move.

How To : Do a basic casino card shuffle

The video demonstrates how to perform a basic card shuffle. First you have to divide the card deck into two equal decks and hold them one in each hand. Make sure that you hold the cards with three fingers, the thumb at one end and the middle and ring fingers at the other. Then ...more

How To : Do basic false shuffles for magic card tricks

This is an instructional video on how to perform card shuffles that allow you to place particular cards at the top or bottom of the deck and how to keep them that way. False shuffles, such as the riffle shuffle and Hindu shuffle, are important for card magicians to create the ...more

How To : Do all of the C-Walk shuffles

Learn all of the shuffle steps in the C-Walk style of Hip-Hop and urban dance. This video includes the basic shuffle, shuffle hop, shuffle spin with hop, crip shuffle, shuffle drop, and the crazy shuffle spin

How To : Play "Setting Me Up" by Dire Straits on guitar

Want to play lead guitar in a rock band? Well first you have to learn techniques from the masters. This guitar lesson teaches you how to play a riff from "Setting Me Up" by Dire Straits. The left hand is just a basic shuffle. The trick is the "chicken pickin'" done with the ri ...more

How To : Play basic Blues on the acoustic guitar

The blues is where it all began. Before you learn how to play rock or jazz or metal, you should start with the blues. Learning the basic 12 bar form can help you feel out measures and develop your sense of direction in music, and learning how to play the shuffled rhythm will h ...more

How To : Dance basic C-Walk moves and glides

This video will teach you how to C Walk. It covers basic and advanced C Walk dance moves including: The V V Step Back V Variation Heel Toe Snake Heel Toe Inverted Heel Toe Heel Toe Combo X Hop Shuffle Shuffle Spin Shuffle Hop Shuffle Kick Glide Moonwalk Airwalk

How To : Do the C-Walk Shuffle Hop

Learn the Shuffle Hop a basic move in the C-Walk style of Hip-Hop and urban dance. The shuffle hop is essentially the Shuffle except you can you move in different directions.

How To : Use the second generation iPod Shuffle

The second generation iPod shuffle is half the size of the original and much easier to wear, but that's easy to figure out. What may not be so easy, is figuring out how to use it. This video from Apple takes you through all the basics.

How To : Cut cards (shuffle cards) with one hand

Want to look totally pro when you deal blackjack, or even just when you're playing Go Fish with your friends? Then check out this easy yet super impressive card shuffling trick. Cutting cards can either be boring or a spectacle, so add some spice to your card game by shuffling ...more

How To : Juggle the Boston Shuffle or Slams pattern

The Boston Shuffle, also known as Slams, is not to be confused with the Boston Mess. It's a move similar to a basic cascade, so the Boston Shuffle isn't just for advanced jugglers. Learn how to do the Boston Shuffle by watching this video juggling tutorial and start practicing ...more

How To : Do tap dancing shuffle combinations

In this free intermediate tape dancing lesson, several combinations of tap shuffles are gone over including the three-shuffle, front-side-back shuffle, and the shuffle ball change. Learn how to do these combos with help from an expert: Bonnie Gray is an award-winning choreogra ...more

How To : Play a blues shuffle on the guitar

Do you dream of standing on stage in front of millions of fans with a guitar in your hand? You could make this dream come true, if only you could play the guitar! This guitar tutorial series from Robert Renman teaches you the basics of guitar playing along with a few beginner ...more

How To : Crip Walk for beginners

Check out this instructional dance video that demonstrates how to crip walk for beginners. Learn all the basic moves from this c-walk tutorial like the V, the shuffle kick, the shuffle hop, and the inverted heel toe. Practice your dance skills and start c-walking like a pro in ...more

How To : Clown walk dance

Don't be fooled by the silly name, clown dancing is serious business. This video dance tutorial breaks down several basic clown dance moves. Watch and learn how to do the shuffle, the V, the stepback, and the heeltoe.

How To : Do a classic beginner's magic card trick

This video shows a very basic magic card trick which was created by the person who made the video. This magic trick is perfect for beginners and is simple. First, you should separate the cards into four piles, asking the other person to pick a card from one of the decks. You t ...more

How To : Play a blues shuffle on the guitar quickly

The Status Quo guitarist Francis Rossi offers some tips for budding rock stars. Check out this instructional guitar video and learn how to play a blues shuffle on the guitar. Learn a few basic techniques as the instructor silently guides you along the learning process. This vi ...more

How To : Perform the Card Transport Magic Trick

Things required: 1. A good pack of cards 2. Patience 3. Basic sleights of hand (Double Lift, Riffle) Effect of the magic: The magician displays a normal pack of cards facing down to the spectators, which is then shuffled by any one spectator. The magician then displays the ...more

How To : Speak Any Language Fluently In Months

Revealed! The secret to learning a language quickly. It's a little known technique diplomats and royalty have used for centuries. I lucked up on it by analyzing how I could quickly boost my language and workforce marketability. You get it here by design. The secret to learnin ...more

How To : JB skate

JB skating combines roller-skating with a variety of dance styles. If you’re board of your normal Friday nights or looking for a fun and funky way to exercise, grab a pair of skates, watch a few videos and then try it for yourself. This style of roller skating, which originat ...more

How To : Do basic crip walk moves

If you want to do basic crip walk moves you should first go to the left or right, your choice. You should move to the left, by moving your right foot from side to side in a shuffle while lifting up your left foot. You can switch this up and go the opposite direction. Next, you ...more

How To : Play basic slide guitar techniques

In this video clip series our expert, Rick Tobey, will introduce you to blues guitar by demonstrating commonly used scales, box patterns, shuffle patterns, chord progressions and other great tips for paying slide blues guitar. Part 1 of 15 - How to Play basic slide guitar tech ...more

How To : Play solitaire

In this video clip series, our expert will discuss the game of solitaire in both traditional, table-top games and computer versions. Learn the basics of the game, tips for improving the game and information on the foundations of the game and its rules. Tips for keeping score, ...more

How To : Perform the shuffle in tap dance

The shuffle is one of the most basic components of tap dancing. Learn the tap dance shuffle from a tap dancing instructor in this free dancing video. Perform the shuffle in tap dance - Part 1 of 19. Click through to watch this video on Perform the shuffle in ...more

How To : Play a blues shuffle on the drums

Play drums using basic beats and time signatures, different equipment and musical styles like jazz, funk and rock; learn how from our professional drummer this free drum tutorial video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Play a blues shuffle on the drums. Play a blues shuffle on the ...more

How To : 21 Must-Know Tips & Tricks for Mac OS X Yosemite

By now, you've probably already installed 10.10 Yosemite, the newest version of Mac OS X, on your computer. While you most certainly noticed the visual changes, you might have missed some of the really cool additions. We've spent the last few days getting to know it, and let ...more

How To : 24 Things You Need to Know About Apple Music

There is much to be learned about Apple Music and the revamped Music application introduced in iOS 8.4. Throwing their hat into an already competitive field with other companies like Spotify, Tidal, or Rdio, this is a bold move on Apple's part. So, before you consider signing ...more

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