How to Do the Pleasantville Effect

How To : Create the Pleasantville effect in Final Cut Pro

For this Final Cut Studio video tutorial, Zach King will teach you how to create the Pleasantville effect in Final Cut Pro. To create the Pleasantville color effect, you'll need to pick one very distinct color and use the Color Corrector 3-Way video filter. Let the Final Cut K ...more

How To : Get the "Pleasantville" effect in Final Cut Pro

Pleasantville is a town where everything is preserved in a frothy '50s white bread film, forever stuck in time, orthodox, and unchanging. So when certain objects begin acquiring a technicolor sheen, the townspeople went bonkers. Watch this tutorial to see how to create a Plea ...more

How To : Use saturation curves in color with Apple Color

In this Apple Color tutorial, Richard Harrington along with color expert Robbie Carman create the Pleasantville effect in Apple Color. Using the secondary curves, specifically the saturation curve, to isolate just the yellow in a taxi cab everything else in the video clip can ...more

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