How to Double Dutch

How To : Jump rope with two ropes for double dutch

Double dutch is jumping rope with two ropes, with someone at either end and jumpers in the middle trying to jump both ropes. This video shows you how to jump rope with double dutch, and also teaches some popular rhythm-keeping chants.

How To : Jump rope using the double dutch routine

You'll need to assemble a good team if you want to pull off double dutch. This video comes from competitive jump ropers, but you can use the strategies and techniques outlined for your own leisure or playtime jump rope games.

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Joyous. Amazing This is not the funky double dutch variety you see in Harlem. This podcast tutorial is...rather white. Don't let that fool you. My eyes bugged out when I watched this tutorial. Best of all is seeing Trent's three year old son doing perfect tandem jump rope. T ...more

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