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How To : Perform an easy drop and grasp magic coin trick

Learn how to perform an easy drop and grasp magic coin trick. First, see the demonstration performance of the drop and grasp coin trick, then see how the magic illusion is done, with different camera angles showing you the whole truth of how it's done. This is a great magic tr ...more

How To : Grasp the human cardiac action potential

Attentions all science nuts: Check out this video tutorial on human cardiac action potential. If you are interested in anatomy, biology, and especially physiology, then you have to watch these educational videos. You'll learn the pulse propagation, a pacemaker in the heart, t ...more

How To : Grasp the anatomy of human upper arm muscles

You thought you knew everything there was to know about the human body. Well, maybe, but probably not. Check out this science educational video series on the anatomy of the human upper arm muscles. These tutorials will cover the sites of muscle attachments, such as subscapula ...more

How To : Grasp the human physiology of the heart

Want to know what a septum is? An aorta? The bicuspid valve? These are all parts of the human heart, and in these educational tutorial videos, you'll learn all you need to know about the physiology of the human heart. Anatomy, biology, physiology... it's all science, so no mat ...more

How To : Grasp the human neuroanatomy

If you just got done watching the video tutorials on the "human skeleton structure," then this is your next step. Check out this educational science video series on the neuroanatomy of the human body. You'll learn the anatomy of the nervous system through the spinal cord (cyl ...more

How To : Grasp the brachial plexus in humans

The brachial plexus is a collection of nerves that supply the upper limb. It has three functions; motor innervation of skeletal muscles, sensory innervation of skin and muscles, and sympathetic innervation of the skin, specifically the sweat glands, and blood vessels. Sounds ...more

How To : Grasp the human skeleton structure

Want to know all you can about the human body and its skeleton? Well, this science video tutorial series about human anatomy is all you'll need. Education is just a click away. These videos will show you the general human skeleton and all of its bones, the vertebral column, t ...more

How To : Grasp the human muscular system

Okay, you've watched the "human skeleton structure" and "human neuroanatomy" videos, the next step is right here in these tutorial videos on the human muscular structure. These educational science videos will take you through the human facial muscles, such as the temporalises ...more

How To : Grasp the human cell transport physiology

If you plan on being a physiologist, or you just like science in general, then go no further than these five video tutorials on the cell transport physiology of the human body. These educational videos on the normal functions of humans will teach you the transport across cell ...more

How To : Grasp the physiology of lipoprotein in humans

Lipoprotein physiology. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? Well, if you're not a current medical student or physician, or biologist or physiologist, then you probably are intimidated, but curious thought, right? Check out these four educational science videos on the physiology ...more

How To : Grasp and understand restless leg syndrome (RLS)

Restless legs syndrome was first described in seventeenth century medical writings and it's been plaguing people ever since! So what is restless legs syndrome anyway? Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provide medical advice in a number of areas: Pregnancy, Sex ...more

How To : Grasp and understand partial seizures

Partial seizures begin in a limited area of the brain, but each is profoundly different. Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provide medical advice in a number of areas: Pregnancy, Sex Health, and College Health. With the aid of Health Guru, you can understand yo ...more

How To : Grasp and understand cancer

Each year, one and half million Americans will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. If you or a loved one are among them, understanding the basics of the disease can help. Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provide medical advice in a number of areas: Pregnanc ...more

How To : The Essential Skills to Becoming a Master Hacker

Many of my aspiring hackers have written to me asking the same thing. "What skills do I need to be a good hacker?" As the hacker is among the most skilled information technology disciplines, it requires a wide knowledge of IT technologies and techniques. To truly be a great h ...more

News : The Best Places to Play Scrabble Online

There's nothing better than playing a game of Scrabble, feeling the smooth wooden tiles in your hand and savoring the heavy fumes of cardboard, cheap wood and plastic as you rearrange the letters on your rack into the perfect word. You try to keep a straight face while you wat ...more

Mac for Hackers : How to Get Your Mac Ready for Hacking

When it comes to hacking guides, most are written from the perspective of a Linux user. There are a few outliers, but it's mainly Linux, which leads to the idea that Linux is the only OS that's viable for hacking. This couldn't be further from the truth. A properly set up Appl ...more

How To : Make an Android Phone or Tablet Grandma-Friendly

By now, a mobile phone that isn't "smart" is about as hard to come by as a TV that isn't high definition. As a result, members of older generations who were previously reluctant to purchase a newfangled smartphone have no other choice but to cave into the more recent trends wh ...more

How To : Post to Null Byte [4.10.15 Revision]

Hello readers, and welcome to Null Byte. Before we start, for those of you who may not know me, my name is ghost_; I'm a relatively active member of our community and have been around for a while. During my time here, I've seen our community cultivate into the brilliant one ...more

How To : Hey, America—You're Drinking Your Tea Wrong!

Tea has been around for thousands of years, and as a result, tons of customs and ceremonies have sprung up around its consumption. Some cultures take their tea plain, while others put things in it. Sometimes there are special tea-holding vessels, other times not. Maybe there w ...more

How To : Fix a bathtub drain stopper with This Old House

Watch this video from This Old House to learn how to fix a bathtub drain stopper. Steps: 1. Remove the two screws holding the trip lever plate to the tub wall. Put screws in safe place, so they don’t fall down the drain. 2. Grasp the trip lever plate and carefully pull out t ...more

News : 8 Tips and Tricks Every Steampunk Writer Should Know

While I am a writer with a degree in Creative Writing, I haven't published any Steampunk fiction. However, as a panelist and track director, I've been on panels with many well-known Steampunk writers and have gleaned insight from the things they've said. I've compiled some of ...more

How To : Undo her bra with only one hand

This humorous instructional video demonstrates how to undo a bra with only one hand. It begins by stating all the things you do right to make a date a positive experience. This includes giving flowers, going to see a romantic comedy, listening more than you talk, telling taste ...more

How To : Tie Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel Is Taking the Fashion World by Storm! The glittery strands are showing up everywhere from the red carpets of Hollywood to the runways of New York. The thin colorful strands (also called hair shimmers or hair bling) are made from silk and are applied by tying them ...more

How To : Cheek kiss

Kissing friends and family members on the cheek is a common social greeting. If you are not used to it, cheek kisses can come across as awkward. Follow these steps and avoid any strange confrontations. You Will Need • Right cheek • Balance Step 1: Start on the right Kiss th ...more

How To : Collect blood with the BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok

Check out this video tutorial to see how to collect blood with the BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set. BD Safety-Lok Blood Collection Sets are safety-engineered winged sets indicated for both infusion and blood collection. They feature a translucent, integrated pro ...more

How To : Things to Do on WonderHowTo (06/06 - 06/12)

WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between. Check in every Wednesday evening for a roundup of user-run activities and how-to projects from the most ...more

How To : Play "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode on piano

Are you a fan of Depeche Mode? This tutorial is designed to help you play "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode on the piano or keyboard. This song isn't taught in a literal or mechanical fashion but rather is taught to grasp the song's structural parameters & essence. This vide ...more

How To : Replace the line on a STIHL trimmer Head

In this video, we learn how to replace the line on a STIHL trimmer head. First, remove the spool from the head by stopping the engine and cutting attachment first. Then, grasp the body and insert your thumb into the tab on the head, then rotate around and press on the second t ...more

How To : Why You Should Study to Be a Hacker

Welcome back, my budding hackers! People often ask me, "Why are you training hackers? Isn't that illegal?" Although I usually give them a short version of this post, there are MANY reasons why YOU should be studying hacking. Before I begin, I want to re-emphasize to all of y ...more

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