How to Install Subwoofer

How To : Install a subwoofer into a BMW 3 series (E36)

Bavarian Soundwerks teaches you how to install a BSW ib108 stealth subwoofer system for BMW 3 Series, M3 Convertible 93-99 (E36). Part 1 of 5 - How to Install a subwoofer into a BMW 3 series (E36). Part 2 of 5 - How to Install a subwoofer into a BMW 3 series (E36). Part 3 of ...more

How To : Install a subwoofer system (x108) into a BMW X5

Covers installation of BMW X5 Subwoofer system for X5 00-06 (E53). Part 1 shows removal of original subwoofer (if present). Part 2 shows accessing the OEM amplifier and battery. Part 3 and 4 show amplifier connections. Part 5 shows amplifier power and ground for the subwoofer ...more

How To : Choose and install a car amplifier

If you just got some banging new subs for the trunk of your car, then you're just about ready for the ultimate car stereo. But what kind of amp are you going to get to power those subwoofer speakers? Learn about the basics of car amplifiers in this video from Sonic Electronix, ...more

How To : Build a single subwoofer box from fiberglass

Learn how to create custom fiberglass Single Sub enclosures and get professional results. Easy to follow step by step methods for your car audio install. Creating subwoofer boxes from fiberglass is a stronger and lighter alternative to using wood and just as easy if you get th ...more

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