How to Make a Big Vortex Cannon

News : Vortex Cannon Demolishes House

Jem Stansfield from BBC's Bang Goes the Theory has "put scientific theory to the test" with his Vortex Cannon. Filmed at 1300-fps, you can see the cannon knock down three different houses made of straw, stick, and brick with an explosive vortex ring. The vortex ring that come ...more

How To : Make a miniature vortex cannon

This is a video tutorial in the Education category where you are going to learn how to make a miniature vortex cannon. For this you will need normal plastic drinking cup, punching bag type balloon, black electrical tape, lighter, candle, scissors and a drill. Drill a hole in t ...more

How To : Make a vortex cannon

Shoot rings of smoke across the room with a Vortex Cannon! In this instructional weapons video, learn how to make a vortex cannon. You can learn how to make the tub thumping cannon, and the barking tube vortex cannon. Follow the simple step by step instructions outlined in thi ...more

How To : Make an air vortex cannon

You've seen what a vortex cannon can do, so now it's time to build your own! Okay, this air vortex cannon is not huge, but it's definitely a fun thing to construct if you have some junk plastic laying around, and it works really well for its size. Grab a cheap plastic containe ...more

News : Vortex Cannon Belches Jumbo Smoke Rings

What makes vortex cannons so super cool? Is it that they're the perfect blend of weaponry and science? This cannon isn't particularly destructive, but lots of fun regardless. Read about Tesla Down Under's process on creating a huge smoke ring generator or make your own vortex ...more

How To : Make a High Velocity, Aerosol-Fueled Vortex Cannon

For a number of years, I have had a vortex cannon on the top of my list of projects to attempt. Creating a sturdy cone for the barrel has always been a hurdle in the design, one I finally found a solution for in this video. Video: . High power vortex cannons have been used com ...more

How To : Build a big marshmallow cannon

This how to video shows you how to build a marshmallow cannon. You will need piping, marshmallows, stiff paper, a grill igniter, hairspray, and an elbow piece. First, assemble the piping together with the elbow so that it creates an L shape. Next, place the igniter at the bott ...more

How To : Make an Apple Cannon and a Pumpkin Bazooka

For those of you who have already made a potato gun, apple cannons and pumpkin bazookas are the next advanced step, taking fun to the next level because the fun is proportional to the size of the vegetable projectile. An apple cannon is slightly bigger than a spud gun, while t ...more

How To : Make a vortex with the Tesla CD turbine

Use the Tesla CD Turbine running off tap water-pressure as an experimental testbed. The Magnetic Coupler acts in a completely new capacity, as a Magnetic SuperStirrer, in a large Pyrex bowl of water. The spinning CD Turbine engages the Magnetic Coupler, rotating it. Water is ...more

News : Steal This Smoke Bomb Recipe

Known for being one of the most devious scoundrels of the sixties, rebel activist Abbie Hoffman went down in history (among other things) for his publication Steal This Book, a guide to living for free- "a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika". Boing Boing has exce ...more

How To : Make your compressed air tennis ball cannon better

Systm is the Do-It-Yourself show designed for the common geek who wants to quickly and easily learn how to dive into the latest and hottest tech projects. They will help you avoid pitfalls and get your project up and running fast. In this DIY episode, see how to build a compre ...more

How To : Create a TNT or sand cannon in Minecraft 1.8

If you're looking for a big boom in Minecraft 1.8, try building one of these cannons. The first part of the tutorial will show you how to build a vertical TNT cannon that can create a huge explosion. The second part of the tutorial showcases the creation of a sand or gravel ca ...more

How To : Easily make a potato cannon

To make a potato cannon you will need PVC piping, PVC glue and a lighter. First, apply the PVC glue to the inner rim of the gas chamber and fix the combustion chamber to it. Screw both caps onto each end of the PVC piping to seal the chamber. Take one of the lids and drill a h ...more

News : steam roller

get a big log or roller. jackass members will have to try their best to stay on the spinning roller while being shot by a tennis ball cannon over a pool of horse crap

News : Real Life Spider-Man

"Bang Goes The Theory" is back on Wonderment. This time it's not a vortex cannon demolishing houses (three little pigs style). In this episode, Jem Stansfield's latest stunt involves him climbing a 1210 feet high building like a real life Spider-Man. Stansfield uses a special ...more

News : Devour a cougar. Rrrrrrr.

Yowsa. Mariah Carey 38, came out from a paparazzi vortex last week marrying Nick Cannon 27. She and her cougar cohorts are not ashamed to be the older woman in their relationships. Cougars are the new MILFs. Defined as an older woman who has a specific fancy for much younger ...more

News : Futuristic Warfare...More or Less Sinister?

In addition to yesterday's freaky military-grade laser pointer, here's a few more sci-fi weapons via Wired's 10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist. I can't decide if these weapons make the future of warfare look more or less sinister. Many of these weapons offer nonlethal sol ...more

News : World's Biggest Pumpkin Cannon Shoots at 600 MPH

Principles are simple: compressed air, a long barrel, and pumpkins as ammo. However, the construction of this farm artillery is enormous. This pumpkin cannon stands at 60 feet tall, and shoots at 600 MPH for as long as a mile in distance. Make your own (albeit much smaller) p ...more

How To : Make a homemade potato gun for under thirty bucks

Low on budget and need to make a spud gun? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make this homemade weapon, called the spud gun, or spud cannon, or potato cannon, or potato launcher, or spud launcher, or potato gun, etc. etc., for under thirty dollars. You'll need so ...more

DIY Challenge : Potato Cannon

Here is my entry for this weeks giveaway Tuesdays. It is my home made potato cannon rev2. The next step is to spray paint it so the purple isn't showing and to fix the valve. It was originally all 1inch PVC pipe but i cut the chamber and barrel off and made it 2inch PVC for bi ...more

News : Vaporizing 1000's of Pounds of Pumpkins

Hay rides simply don't cut it these days. Donald Totman of Daisi Hill Farm in Millerton, N.Y. has been smashing pumpkins for years as a marketing ploy to move the merchandise. On a busy weekend, Totman will smash 1,000 pounds. Via The New York Times, "Mr. Totman started abou ...more

News : USA into the Round of 16!!

Posted with permission via Have you recovered from that heart attack inducing, hell of a game?? I am still riding high and, as such, may ramble a bit on here. But stay with me...I'm a die-hard fan!! What else do you expect?? Another goal taken away?! Real ...more

News : The Simpsons Family Gets Scrabbled!

My JO was watching The Simpsons on FOX the other day, like she wholeheartedly does every evening, and I joined her, much like I always do— though I must admit, I'm not as obsessed with the cartoon family as much as she is. Just like she isn't as obsessed with SCRABBLE as I am. ...more

News : 13 I-do-mean Hellacious Potato Gun how-to Articles

Here are the13 best articles on How to Build a Potato Gun. Here was my process:  I chose among combustion based guns.  No pneumatics.  As a curator of the video site, Won ...more

News : Hacking MAC OS X

Warnings i cant be held responsible for any illegal act done by anyone but myself and there are copyrights so notise that taken the trademarks or copyrights are strigtly prohibeted by law and will be punshied by law and i or my partners cant be held responsible for sudo camma ...more

How To : DDos a Website Like a Pro (Windows Only)

Welcome to this short and easy tutorial on hacking and DDosing (is that even a word I don't know) anyways lets get started First of all DDos means distributed denail of service attack, and yes i don't know what the HELL it means either. but anyway DDosing is where you spam a ...more

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