How to Make Sparklers

How To : Make a Crazy Sparkler Bomb That Actually Explodes

Sparklers are fun, but you can actually step up those mini handheld fireworks into something fit for a pyrotechnics show — as long as you're being careful and extra cautious. With the right technique and safety in mind, you can turn a few packs of sparklers into a crazy sparkl ...more

How To : Make explosive sparkler bombs

This weapons video tutorial will show you how to make an easy homemade explosive sparkler bomb with ordinary household items. You'll need some ordinary sparklers, and aluminum soda pop can (or similar object), a button battery (this is optional, but makes it explode), and a p ...more

How To : Make a powerful sparkler rocket

Grab some paper, some duct tape, a 1/4-inch wooden dowel rod about three feet long, a highlighter, Elmer's white glue, wire cutters, five to six packs of sparklers, a drill, and plaster, and you'll have one hell of a cool sparkler rocket. This fireworks video tutorial will sh ...more

How To : Make Your Own Homemade Sparklers

Are you getting bored of those homemade explosions? Irritated with using all of your household chemicals to make bottle bombs? Tired of sparklers that can burn your hand? Well, Pop Rocks candy is the key. This video tutorial will show you how to make your own homemade sparks ...more

How To : Make a sparkler rocket for under five dollars

Would you like to make your very own sparkler rocket for under five dollars? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make your very own sparkler rocket for under $5. Just get the materials: Pliers, cardboard tube, electrical tape, wire snippers, sparklers, paper, glue, ...more

DIY Fireworks : How to Make Your Own Sparklers at Home

July Fourth is the time of year where we light things on fire in order to show our undying patriotism, but another way to show your love for America is by saving a few bucks. Luckily, you can combine the two by making your own sparklers and have a little fun with chemistry at ...more

How To : Make a tennis ball sparkler bomb

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a tennis ball sparkler bomb. You will need a tennis ball and four packs of sparklers to do this. Now, use scissors to cut a hole into the top of the tennis ball. After this, grab twelve crackers and push them inside of the ball. Next, gra ...more

How To : Make a huge fire with a soda bottle sparkler bomb

In this tutorial, learn how to grind up sparklers and turn them into a powerful bomb. This bomb makes a tall fire wherever you light it and is super easy to make. Just grind up your sparklers and pour it into a soda bottle, tape it up and light it for an intense pyro experience.

How To : Make a sparkler frag grenade with BB's

Sparklers are legal in many more places than larger fireworks due to their alleged safety. Hah. Rub that thought in the faces of lawmakers by watching this video and learning how to make a sparkler frag grenade that will send BB's flying everywhere, creating a great frag effec ...more

How To : Make a quick and easy sparkler bomb

In this clip, learn how to take a bunch of legal sparklers and turn them into a fountain of flames. This effect is easy to make and requires nothing more than sparklers and lots and lots of tape. Catch the inferno with this instructional video showing you how to put it all tog ...more

How To : Make a sparkler bomb for three bucks

This video shows you how to make your very own, homemade, sparkler bomb/fountain for under three dollars. So, if you have a bunch of sparklers just laying around the house, why not do something useful with them, like make a bomb, but is it really a bomb? It just seems like mor ...more

How To : Make sparkler bombs

Watch this video to see how to make your very own bomb, a sparkler bomb that is. This tutorial will show you how to put those sparklers together with aluminum foil and some electrical tape for a great explosion of flames. This isn't the greatest way to go about it, but it's s ...more

How To : Make a Huge Sparkler Bomb with 200 Sparklers

This Fourth of July grab a bunch of those kiddie sparklers and turn them into a huge flame. This clip will show you how to make one with TWO HUNDRED sparklers and some tape for an intense fire. This is pretty easy to do and will get a great reaction, so follow along and liven ...more

How To : Make a sparkler rocket

Cut cardboard into 8" l x 3" w strips. With cardboard down on a cutting board, place 1 AA battery on 1 end. Roll once so battery is covered. Hold in place. Spread a light coat of Craft Glue in thin sections on the rest of cardboard. Roll battery up. Using electrical tape, tape ...more

How To : 5 Explosive Homemade Fireworks for DIY Pyromaniacs

What kind of fireworks will you be handling during your Fourth of July celebration? Firecrackers? Torpedoes? Roman candles? Homemade aerial ball shells with a potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur mixture? Whatever fireworks you may be using on Independence Day, make sure y ...more

How To : Make the most putrid stink bomb ever

Kipkay shows you how to make a rancid, nasty, stink bomb in this video tutorial that burns hair and rubber bands. So get out those sparklers you've been dying to play with, those rubber bands, a little bit of newspaper, some matches, and of course -- hair. This is a great rank ...more

How To : Make steel wool fireworks

This how-to video shows you how to make fireworks out of steel wool. Throw away those lame sparklers and start celebrating like this! You'll of course need some steel wool, then a coat hanger, a 9v battery, and some pliers. Independence Day never looked so good. These steel wo ...more

How To : Make Black Snake Fireworks With & Without Fire

In this video, I'll be showing you how classic black snakes work and how to make them at home. There are actually two methods covered in the video — one that uses fire and one that does not. So just choose the one that fits best for your situation. Video: . Black Snake Version ...more

How To : Make a Fire Wire (Easy Steel Wool Fireworks)

Once you've reached an age where sparklers are no longer fun, it's time to upgrade to science and steel wool. It may be basic chemistry, but as you'll see in the video, simplicity can amaze more than complexity, as well as create some really impressive fireworks that are perfe ...more

How Fireworks Work : Design, Performance, & Chemistry

At a very early age, I would go on summer camping trips. I remember every night being handed a pack of sparklers that were my own, to swing around wildly, which gave me many valuable life lessons on cause and effect. My curiosity with fireworks grew continually throughout my ...more

How To : Chain Fuse Smoke Bombs & Sparklers

The chain fuse is one of the linchpins of every elaborate fireworks display that you've ever seen. This video shows you how to construct one at home using some cool colored smoke bombs and sparklers. Create a colorful display for your friends and family on the 4th of July and ...more

How To : Make a horrible smelling stink bomb

Learn how to make a horrible smelling stink bomb from this video in simple steps. You will need a newspaper, elastic, 2 sparklers and some cat hair. First put the cat hair in the newspaper. Crush a sparkler into powder and add it to the newspaper. Roll the newspaper and tie it ...more

How To : Make Fireworks with Marshmallows

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make some Fourth of July fireworks using marshmallows. If sparklers are unavailable or illegal in your area, marshmallows make for a great alternative (and make a great snack while you're working). For brief written instructions, make sur ...more

How To : Do night photography with your kids

In this video, we learn how to do night photography with your kids. Glow sticks. flash lights, and ghost images are great for night time! First, put your camera in the manual mode and then learn how to set the shutter once you're in manual mode. Put the pop up flash on your ca ...more

How To : Make a Firecracker Out of House Hold Items

How to Make a Firecracker Out of Things That Any One Can Get. First Gather Your Equiptment, You Will Need: Matches and a Match Box or Flash Powder, Hot Glue Gun, Sparklers, Paper, PVA Glue, Container, Masking Tape. Step 1: Video: .

HowTo : Look Like Batman on Fire

Fantastic example of light painting by Mina Mikhael and Matthew Barhoma. You will need: A sick camera like the Canon EOS 7D a cheap fireworks sparkler long exposure trickery (get all the specs here!) Light painting schooling

How To : Make a PVC rocket at home

You can make a rocket at home using these items found around the house. Icing sugar, measuring tape, a PVC pipe, black marker, hammer, flat headed bolt around 18 millimeters wide , mortar and pestle, drill, drill bit size 5 millimeter, potassium nitrate and kitty litter. You ...more

News : Draw With Fire

Tobias Kipp and Timo Pitkämö have taken the art of pyrography into the streets. The two German artists practice street portraiture with an unusual twist. Swapping a pencil or paintbrush for a sparkler, they draw portraits with fire in the amount of time it takes the sparkler ...more

How To : Make a rocket

In this video you learn to make a PVC rocket that can travel hundreds of meters high. You start off by cutting your PVC pipe 62 mm long. Next dilute some kitty litter in a bowl to make it damp to compress. This makes a plug. Plug the pipe with 1 cm of liter. Then you add the r ...more

How To : Cheaply make a good firecracker

First you take 4 to 5 caps and use an sharp object to poke holes in the back of the caps to remove the gun powder then you take the collected gun powder that you have and take a piece of tap and pour it towards the bottom of the tape sticky side up and pack it down after this ...more

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