How to Make Water Cannons

How To : Make a water bottle cannon

Did you know you could make a cannon using just a water bottle? Find out how to shoot your friends with water bottle caps. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks! Make a water bottle cannon. Click through to watch this video on

News : Deadly Air Cannon Dents Cars With Water Balloons

DIYer Drew Pilcher's powerful air cannon packs a lethal punch, and the well chosen wood detailing makes it look like a real rifle. The pilot valve air cannon can shoot water balloons, steel darts, potatoes, and more. Watch Pilcher's glee as he dents a car door with a water bal ...more

How To : Build a TNT Cannon in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play with us on our free server. Do you need an extra boost in your game of PVP? Do you feel unapologetic to creepers? If you enjoy feeling like a madman, then this build is for you. After all, the only thi ...more

News : My Epic Sh*t Slide Wake Up

The prank begins with a 21 CANNON Salute wake up call! As the victim jolts up in bed the bed will raise up and the victim will fall onto a water slide flowing with raw sewage. As the victim slides down the slide, bumps on the slide with knock him in the balls. We'll have fire ...more

The Art of Farting : Extreme Jedi Anus Control

Nearly all humans (admittedly childishly) admire the ability to emit uncannily musical armpit or hand farts, or even rarer- mouth fart motor engine aping. However, it is the rare occasion that a performer's gaseous-sounding melodic notes are indeed truly gaseous (meaning liter ...more

News : Vaporizing 1000's of Pounds of Pumpkins

Hay rides simply don't cut it these days. Donald Totman of Daisi Hill Farm in Millerton, N.Y. has been smashing pumpkins for years as a marketing ploy to move the merchandise. On a busy weekend, Totman will smash 1,000 pounds. Via The New York Times, "Mr. Totman started abou ...more

How To : Make a toothpick gun out of household items

This weapons video tutorial will show you how to make your own specialized toothpick gun out of ordinary household items. You'll need the following materials: A pen, texter, or wind up tool. A small water balloon. Some toothpicks. Pull the back off of your pen and take the ...more

How To : Make a cannon in Minecraft

Tired of running around and destroying blocks with a sword? Or your fist? Looking for a solution that involves explosives, a little ingenuity, and a much faster destruction rate!? Well, you ask, and you receive! In this video you will learn how to make your very own canon! Jus ...more

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