How to Massage Own Back

How To : Drain the lymphatic system with a back massage

In this clip, Athena Jezik demonstrates a back massage routine which she purports works to drain the lymphatic system. This massage can stand on its own or be incorporated into a full body massage routine. The more you know about massage, the better you'll be at giving them. F ...more

How To : Give a good deep stress relief back massage

Whether it's a hobby or a skill you want to learn to practice on a loved one, our easy-to-follow guide will equip you with the basics of how to relieve the pain of a stressed back. Give a good deep stress relief back massage. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Give a back massage on a chair

Chair massages are not limited to the typical massage and karate techniques. Watch this four-part video to learn more techniques that you can use to relieve those back knots! Part 1 of 4 - How to Give a back massage on a chair. Part 2 of 4 - How to Give a back massage on a ch ...more

How To : Do a beginner back massage technique

This video teaches how to do one of the many basic back massage techniques taught at Do a beginner back massage technique. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Use the cupping technique for a back massage

Cupping is a special massage technique. This massage is fabulous if you get any type of buildup of fluids in your lungs, like little children when they have colds. Learn the art of giving a back massage with the cupping technique in this health how-to video. Take Action Cup b ...more

How To : Massage back pains

Back pain can be caused by many different factors. Sometimes a good massage can help the back pain. Get expert tips and advice on massage and other treatments in this how-to video. Take Action Ask about pressure preferences Use forearms to apply pressure Relax shoulders as yo ...more

How To : Perform and give a good back massage

You have to do the rising moves which works on three different sections of the body which are the sides, spine, muscles at the top of your back and the shoulders. You have to spread the oil on the back. Then you have to warm up the muscles. The first move is very straight forw ...more

How To : Do a Chinese cupping back massage

In this tutorial, we learn how to do a Chinese cupping back massage. Cupping is an old technique that is still practiced in China and eastern Europe. First, set fire to some cotton balls. Now, place them into the cup and pull the air out of the cup. Quickly place the cup on th ...more

How To : Make your own back-up program with script

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make their own backup program. Begin by clicking on the Start menu and open the Notepad program. Then type: @echo off robocopy [source] [destination]/e/eta exit. Now click on File and select Save As. Name the file with .bat and ...more

News : Make Your Own Back-to-School Bento

If you have any little ones in your life (or you're simply a grown-up kid yourself), Just Bento has has posted Maki's Top 10 Bento Rules for Back-to-School. Rules listed below, click through for full explanations. If you're inspired, explore Just Bento or another WonderHowTo ...more

How To : Give a shiatsu hip and back massage

Relieve stress in the hips and back by learning how to do Japanese shiatsu massage for these problem areas with expert massage therapy tips in this free health video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Give a shiatsu hip and back massage. Give a shiatsu hip and back massage - Part 2 ...more

How To : Give a lower back massage

In this videos series, our expert Alexson Roy will show you how to give a lower back massage. He will teach you how to tel the difference between the lower and upper back, how to do circular motions, horizontal strokes, vertical strokes, stripping, and cross fiber friction. Pa ...more

How To : Give an effective Swedish back massage

You start the Swedish back massage first by putting lotion in your hands to warm it. You first use long fleeting strokes and work your way into shorter spinal column strokes (remembering of course to keep even pressure). You then move to the petrissage stroke running your hand ...more

How To : Give a professional back rub massage

Want to help your partner relax after a long day's work? In this in depth 13 part series, learn how to give a professional style back massage. This video will take you through all of the steps you need for a great massage. Your partner will be thanking you for days after you l ...more

How To : Massage the back

Give a back massage to relieve tension and soreness; learn the art of giving massage in this free health how-to video. It is important to apply a bit of lotion or oil to your hands before massaging the back. Use you're elbows and forearms in doing some type of gliding strokes. ...more

How To : Give an upper back chair massage

We've all passed by salons and kiosks where people are receiving relaxing chair massages. An quick upper back chair massage is often all someone needs to loosen up and feel better throughout the day. They are not difficult to give, and feel great to receive. In this tutorial, ...more

How To : Perform a de-stressing back and shoulder massage

Do you have office chair back? If you work a 9 to 5 job then you know what we're talking about: That tight, tense feeling you get all over your shoulders, back, lower back, and arms that feels like you're carrying a great, painful weight. These aches and pains result from sit ...more

How To : Perform an advanced Swedish massage on the back

This video massage tutorial shows how to perform a Swedish massage on the back. The massage techniques are performed twice to demonstrate the detailed techniques, including biomechanics, as well as to show proper flow of a massage. Watch this instructional video and learn how ...more

How To : Work the back in sports massage

Working the back is an important part of all massages. The back should especially be massaged for any athlete. Get expert tips and advice on massage and other treatments in this diet and health how to video. Follow along and learn how easy it is to work the back in sports mass ...more

How To : Massage the lower back and hips properly

Not feeling your best? Tired of all the stress piling upon you at work or school or home? Take a few minutes, breathe, and relax. Licensed massage therapist Athena shows you how to properly massage the lower back and hips so you can relax.

How To : Massage the upper back and shoulders properly

Feeling a bit tired and stressed out? Try a massage. In this video, licensed massage therapist Athena shows you how to get all the knots and kinks out of your upper back and shoulders with proper massage techniques. Have a loved one watch with you so you can help each other out!

How To : Massage your loved one's back

Want to learn some love moves for your loved one? Watch this video on how to do a back rub for beginners. Massage your loved one's back. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Massage your boyfriend's upper back

How to massage your man's upper back. Massage is a great way to be closer to your partner. It can improve intimacy and improve your sex life. It is also a great way to show your partner you care. Watch this massage video to learn how to massage your boyfriend's upper back. Th ...more

How To : Give a good massage on the lower back

• Start by warming and relaxing the lower back of the person you are looking to massage. Warm some massage oil in your hands, and spread it evenly over their lower back. • Start to relax the muscles of the lower back by lightly massaging in circles, moving away from the spine ...more

How To : Do a kiatsu massage on the upper back

Kiatsu massage for head and neck pain uses a series of pressure points along the lines of the body. Watch how to administer this alternative medicine with tips from an experienced masseuse in this free healing arts video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Do a kiatsu massage on the ...more

News : The Shitty massage

A massage worker calls a jackass memeber and says you just won a free 2 hour massage and we would like you to come [this day] and he will be there he will lay down on his tummy with nose plugs and the massager would open a little can with shit in it and say this is a cream tha ...more

How To : 14 New Uses for Old Tennis Balls

What to do with the canisters of tennis balls gathering dust in your garage? If playing tennis is no longer your passion and you don't have any dogs to play catch with, don't give away your tennis balls just yet—tennis balls happen to have many practical, non-sport uses that c ...more

How To : Stay calm when your wife is in labor

You’d like to be strong and supportive for your wife in the delivery room… if only your knees would stop knocking. Keep both of you from freaking out with these tricks. Watch this video to learn how to stay calm when your wife is in labor. Step 1. Fake it On the big day, for ...more

How To : Alleviate stress with a de-tensing hand massage

They say we hold a lot of tension and stress in our shoulders (hence the popularity in many spas of the classic back massage), but given how often we use the computer these days, our hands are just as if not more cramped than our shoulders. So the next time you have a few fre ...more

How To : Make a hoverboard from the Back to the Future movies

Make your own hoverboard prop from the Back to the Future movies! You can do this whole project for about twenty dollars. You will need a large piece of foam board, green posterboard, some Tupperware, a few pieces of hardware, scrap Velcro, metallic plastic and paint and brushes.

How To : Build a Basic Birdhouse

How to Build a Basic BirdhouseMaybe you were outside in your back yard and you noticed that it seemed a little lonely and empty. Our maybe you have young kids that love to experience wild life in their own back yard. Whatever reason you have for searching out this article, you ...more

How To : Hack your Facebook status updates and profile page

Want to add a dislike button to your page? Or want to make an update about what you did last night, but don't want your grandmother to read it? This video shows you ten ways you can hack your Facebook page. You can also pre-schedule certain status updates, set your Facebook la ...more

How To : Use a broken umbrella to make a tote bag

Broken umbrellas are all over the place. Blame it on the rain? Planned obsolescence is more like it—meaning the stuff is made to break. Carrying groceries never looked so good and reuseful. For more information, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started ...more

How To : Make an oversized book bag

Forget about spending too much money at a retail store for a new bookbag when you can make your own! Go back to school in style - your own personalized style - by making your very own purse to carry your books in. Use fabrics & accessories to customize your book bag to fit you ...more

News : Pee-Pee Chug

You will need: 5 friends a large wall to hide behind 6 empty clear bottles a large carton of apple juice (warm) somewhere to hide said carton. Starting the prank Get all your friends over, making sure you've chosen one to be the victim, and informed the other 4 on the plan ...more

How To : Bake traditional English scones with flaky crusts

Once you start making your own scones you'll never go back. While those hardened, several days old scones you get in packs at Costco are great if you're running low on time in general and just need a flaky doughy thing in your mouth fast, the best scones are fresh and homemade ...more

How To : Replace the clock spring on a Chrysler van

If you own a Chrysler van and find yourself with a broken horn and an air bag light on, those are probably caused by the same problem: a broken clock spring. Watch this video to learn how to replace your own clock spring and get your horn back.

How To : Surf a fake wave

FlowRider generates a thin sheet of rushing water that flows over a stationary form allowing riders to drop in on their own unbroken wave, slide down, carve a turn, cut back and ride up the padded surface. Surf a fake wave. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Style very short hair for the busy mom

For a mom, there is always so much to do that your own personal care routine may take a back seat. But in this video, top hair stylist Gary France offers tips on how to style very short hair for the busy mom. France shows us his process on a busy working mom. The client receiv ...more

How To : Make a hummingbird feeder & food

Catching sight of a hummingbird floating from flower to flower is one of those rare gifts from nature. In this quick and easy guide, use a little bit of science and learn how to make a hummingbird feeder that will attract all the birds in the yard. Hummingbirds are wonderful ...more

How To : Origami a wild boar Japanese style

These instructional animated slides teach you how to easily fold a paper wild boar Japanese style. Learn how to use the Japanese art of origami to make your own paper wild boar Use the start, stop, forward and back buttons to easily follow along. You can also speed up the inst ...more

How To : Build your own picture frame from scratch

This tutorial shows you how to build your own picture frame from scratch. It's a grea tutorial for those interested in saving some money for a high-end frame or for those interested in expanding their woodskills. This tutorial has great insight and tips for making a great look ...more

How To : Make a simple braid for hair

You’ll be a hit at the next sleepover if you can do a basic braid. Once you’ve mastered a single one down a friend’s back, you can move on to pigtails or even braiding your own hair. You will need a comb and a ponytail holder. There's a bit of a trick to hand positioning to br ...more

How To : Build a 4x5 pinhole camera

Attention photography lovers! Put down the digital camera for a day and try this DIY project out, constructing a camera that dates back to as early as 4th century BC. Make your own DIY pinhole camera at home with this excellent twelve-part video tutorial. With the help of Aus ...more

How To : Do a dumbbell freestyle swim stroke drop set

Learn how to do a dumbbell freestyle swim stroke drop set. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life. Benefits The dumbbell freestyle swim stroke exercise mimics freestyle swimming to strengthen the shoulders in general and the rotator cuffs in particular. Adding a dro ...more

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