How to Regift

How To : 9 Creative Uses for All Those Holiday Wine Corks

While most people build collections of things with intrinsic value such as coins, stamps, or rare post cards, I collect wine corks—the natural ones, not the plastic kind. Corks are a natural product harvested from the cork oak tree. It takes the better part of 10 to 12 years b ...more

News : Possible New SCRABBLE Words?

QI and ZA. QI n pl. -S the vital force that in Chinese thought is inherent in all things ZA n pl. -S a pizza For over a decade, these words have been used in SCRABBLE play, but not in the US or Canada. It wasn't until their addition in the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionar ...more

News : Re-Gifting

Got some gifts that you don't need? Now you can Re-Gift them! Click the purple re-gift button and you'll get this little popup You can select how many you wish to share then press share to publish them on the news feed! Limit: You can only re-gift 3 different items/ day. B ...more

How To : Re-gift without getting caught this Christmas

Being busted for re-gifting is like getting nabbed by the IRS—you’re not sorry you did it, you’re just sorry you got caught. Don’t let that happen. Learn how to re-gift without getting caught. You will need: presents to regift a notebook to record gifts you've received

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