How to See Through Clothes 3

How To : Design your own clothes & mix dye your clothes

Eddie teaches the secrets of designing your own clothes & mix dying your clothes. First mix together 1 tablespoon golden yellow, 1/2 teaspoon sunshine orange, 1/2 cup salt and 4 cups of hot water. Dip a piece of cloth to check the color, add more dye to make it darker or some ...more

How To : Iron clothes

The best tips and techniques for ironing clothing and taking care of your clothing. Learn about ironing clothes and other tips on laundry and clothing care in this free video. Part 1 of 20 - How to Iron clothes. Iron clothes - Part 2 of 20. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Decorate clothes with rhinestones

Add jazz to clothing with rhinestones and jewels; learn to embellish t-shirts and clothing with rhinestones, plastic jewels and gems, in this free video. Part 1 of 22 - How to Decorate clothes with rhinestones. Decorate clothes with rhinestones - Part 2 of 22. Click through to ...more

How To : Mend and hem clothes

In this video series, watch as expert seamstress Karen Weisman teaches how to mend, patch, and hem clothes. Learn how to replace a button, how to thread a needle, how to use a sewing machine to fix buttons, how to remove old buttons from clothing, how to use a hand sewn blind ...more

How To : Iron clothes

In this video series, watch as professional homemaker Vickie Pavone teaches how to iron clothes and other household items. Learn how to iron fitted sheets, how to iron flat sheets and pillow cases, how to iron a blouse, how to iron a skirt, how to iron pleats, how to iron a me ...more

How To : Fold clothes and laundry

Folding laundry is an important housekeeping task that will help prolong the use and storage of your clothes. Learn some tips for folding clothes from a house cleaner in this free video series. Part 1 of 19 - How to Fold clothes and laundry. Fold clothes and laundry - Part 2 o ...more

How To : Fold clothes for a suitcase

Melody Mann earned & perfected methods of folding depending on where the clothes are going to be after folding. Part 1 of 16 - How to Fold clothes for a suitcase. Fold clothes for a suitcase - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch this video on Fold clothes fo ...more

How To : Dress in business clothes for women

Women's business clothes should be professional but also stylish. Learn how to create a women's work wardrobe with tips from a fashion stylist in this free women's clothing video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Dress in business clothes for women. Dress in business clothes for w ...more

How To : Recycle old clothes into new fashions

In this video series, learn how to recycle old clothing into new fashions. Our expert, Julia Barbee, shows you how to take old parts of clothes and transform them into works of art. Part 1 of 15 - How to Recycle old clothes into new fashions. Recycle old clothes into new fashi ...more

How To : Steam clothes

In this online video series, learn from our expert how to steam wrinkles out of your clothes. Part 1 of 14 - How to Steam clothes. Steam clothes - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch this video on Steam clothes - Part 3 of 14. Click through to watch this vid ...more

How To : Fold clothes

Learn how to fold and hang clothes in a hurry in this free clothing series of travel fashion videos from our professional wardrobe expert. Part 1 of 9 - How to Fold clothes. Fold clothes - Part 2 of 9. Click through to watch this video on Fold clothes - Part ...more

How To : Clean and repair clothes

Cleaning and repairing clothing by hand is a great way to save money and keep clothes lasting longer. Learn how to clean clothing and sew basic clothing repairs with tips from a tailor in this free clothes care video. Part 1 of 7 - How to Clean and repair clothes. Clean and re ...more

How To : Dry clean clothes

Dry cleaning is an easy and convenient way to get your clothes clean and pressed. Learn how garments are cared for from a dry cleaning specialist in this free dry cleaning video series. Part 1 of 9 - How to Dry clean clothes. Dry clean clothes - Part 2 of 9. Click through to w ...more

How To : Put together your own clothes hamper at home

This video series is a complete tutorial, showing you how to construct your own wooden clothes hamper. This is a stylish and elegant way to keep your clothes - or store anything else you need a little extra room for! Part 1 of 5 - How to Put together your own clothes hamper at ...more

How To : Keep your clothes looking brand new

Are your duds looking a little worse for wear? Here are some extra-effective ways to keep your clothes looking as good as the day you bought them. You won't want to buy new clothes as much if you can keep your old clothes looking brand spanking new. You Will Need * A washing ...more

How To : Rescue clothes you've dyed in the wash

If you've dyed your clothes in the wash, re-wash the clothes immediately. Separate the whites and as a last resort add a cup of bleach to the washing machine. The dyed clothes should be back to there original whiteness. Rescue clothes you've dyed in the wash. Click through to ...more

How To : Wash clothes without power or a washing machine

This short video tutorial series on washing clothes without power. In an extended emergency, it might be difficult to wash clothes without electricity or out in nature. All you'll need is a little bit of soap, water, and some buckets. Watch this survival training video and lea ...more

How To : Get your sister to stop stealing your clothes

She thinks just because you're related that your closet is her closet; and if she ever gives your things back, they're never washed. If it's time to stop your sister from being a closet bandit, check out this video. This tutorial is full of tips for gettinf rid of that pesky s ...more

How To : Dry Your Soaking Wet "Hand Wash Only" Clothes Faster

Let’s be honest: you’ve thrown a few delicate, "hand wash only" clothes into the wash with your jeans. Maybe you’ve even ruined a sweater or two. There are so many things to look out for when doing laundry, and they’re easily ignored or forgotten, especially when it comes to d ...more

How To : Draw clothes for anime/manga comic books

"Miki Falls" manga creator Mark Crilley presents a tutorial on drawing clothes, with special emphasis on wrinkles. Learning how to draw clothes for manga characters is an important detail that should not be overlooked. Watch this video to learn how to draw anime and manga clot ...more

How To : Prevent wrinkled clothes in your front load washer

If you are constantly taking your clothes out of the washer and finding them to be wrinkled, it's an easy fix. There are a couple of troubleshooting tips that will help make sure that your clothes come out nice and wrinkle-free. This tutorial will show you what you need to do ...more

How To : Save closet space & fit more clothes

Do you want to know how to save closet space and fit more clothes? Here is a smart way to do it. Watch and learn! Using an old belt, hang the clothes on the holes of the belt. You can also use a braided belt. Leave some space between the clothes to avoid overcrowding the belt. ...more

How To : Play "Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira on guitar

Learn how to play "Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Standard Tuning: Capo On 1st Fret Em Bm You’re a song C D Written by the hands of God Em Bm Don’t get me wrong cause C D This migh ...more

How To : Make an applique that you can use on latex clothes

Latex can be a sexy and cool material to make fabric out of, but a plain black latex shirt can still be a bit boring. You can create your own appliques that you can apply to latex clothing using sticky paper. Part 1 of 2 - How to Make an applique that you can use on latex clot ...more

How To : Upcycle old clothes into chic wine gift bags

We all have a bag of old clothes somewhere, or old clothes lying randomly around the closet. You know, the t-shirt that's too ratty or that dress you got from Ann Taylor that looked perfectly in season a few years ago but now you can't bring yourself to wear anywhere. While y ...more

How To : Origami children's clothes Japanese style

These instructional animated slides teach you how to easily fold paper children's clothes Japanese style. Learn how to use the Japanese art of origami to make your own paper children's clothes. Use the start, stop, forward and back buttons to easily follow along. You can also ...more

How To : Draw manga clothes on a computer

In this video, we learn how to draw mange clothes on a computer. There are many different types of manga clothes that you can draw, so study what you want to draw before you do it. When you start to draw, make sure you use great detail with the clothing, no matter what kind yo ...more

How To : Get wax stains out of clothes

Wax is one of those material that you use all of the time that is also nearly impossible to get out of clothes without the right chemicals. Watch this video to learn the steps your need to get wax stains out of clothes.

How To : Clean the exhaust duct on a clothes dryer

You never would have guessed, but you actually should clean your exhaust duct on your clothes dryer. Bet you didn't even know it existed! This video will show you the various steps you'll need to take to thoroughly clean and maintain your clothes dryer and its exhaust duct.

How To : Avoid having detergent residue on your clothes

If you've ever taken your clothes out of the washer and have seen white or blue residue on any of your clothes, you may have a problem with detergent residue. This can be a problem since it can stick to your clothes, even after you've dried them. It can also cause stains to de ...more

How To : Line-dry your clothes

Looking for a way to save on your energy bills at home? How about line drying your clothes? According to the Energy Information Agency, clothes dryers account for 5.8 percent of home electricity usage. Line-dry your washed clothes and linens to keep them from wearing out, and ...more

How To : Get creases out of clothes

This tutorial video will give you tips on ow to get wrinkles out of your clothes. It's actually easier than you think. Your clothes will be wrinkle free in no time.

How To : Construct a clothes peg gun

Check out this video to learn how to build the clothes-peg-gun. Here's the answer to all of your clothes peg gun questions! Fortunately, this video is divided into steps.

How To : Remove ink stains from clothes

Plenty of tips on removing ink stains from clothing without spending a bundle. Get clean clothes again after an accidental spill of ink. Remove ink stains from clothes. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Remove make up stains from clothes

Girls have enough things to worry about without worrying about getting their make up on their collars. Watch these easy-to-do steps on how to remove make up stains from clothes. Remove make up stains from clothes. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Remove self-tanning lotion stains from clothes

Self-tanning lotion can be great for your summer look, but it's not so great for your clothes. Everything you need to remove these stains are probably already in your cupboard. Remove self-tanning lotion stains from clothes. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Remove lipstick stains from clothes

Avoid awkward moments with this tip on getting lipstick off your collar. One of the nightmare scenarios for boyfriends to deal with, but if this happens just follow this videos advice on how to remove lipstick stains from clothes. Remove lipstick stains from clothes. Click thr ...more

How To : Remove nail polish stains from clothes

Follow these simple steps to get out nail polish stains. One of the trickiest stains to remove, but if you follow this videos short tutorial removing nail polish stains from clothes will be as easy as 1,2,3. Remove nail polish stains from clothes. Click through to watch this v ...more

How To : Remove tea stains from clothes

Sure fire tricks to get rid of those nasty tea stains. Get those tea stains off your clothes easily with this videos helpful short tutorial. Remove tea stains from clothes. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Properly hang clothes

Martha answers a viewer's letter about the best way to hang clothing. Do you know we wear 20 percent of our wardrobe 80 percent of the time? That means the majority of your clothes spend most of their life span hanging in the closet. Hangers can sometimes leave bumps and humps ...more

How To : Fold your clothes like a pro

Want to make perfect folds every time? Watch this video to find out how to fold your clothes like a pro. This video will teach you the simple, Japanese, and the automatic fold. Fold your clothes like a pro. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Remove cooking oil stains from clothes

A friendly woman guides us through ways to remove cooking oil stains from clothes. Equipment needed includes washing liquid, a bowl, a toothbrush and laundry detergent. Quick and easy video will help to get rid of those annoying cooking stains. Remove cooking oil stains from c ...more

How To : Remove wax from clothes or material

Elderly woman shows how to get rid of wax stains from clothes or material. Using a sharp knife, paper towels, iron, towel, water, oxygen based stain remover, bowl and a spoon, the woman goes through several easy-to-understand tips in the video. Remove wax from clothes or mater ...more

How To : 10 Ways to Whiten Clothes Without Using Any Bleach

Whites are the hardest color to keep looking bright and new after just a few months' time. Your sweat and oils quickly become stains, and colors from other clothes will eventually bleed into the fabric, discoloring your bright whites into something merely whitish. But before y ...more

How To : 9 DIY Ways to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothes

Got a bad sweat stain on the underarms of your light-colored clothing? You probably have something in your kitchen or medicine cabinet that will help get rid of the stain immediately. Aspirin, table salt, lemon juice, white vinegar, baking soda, and even meat tenderizer (make ...more

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