How to Sneeze

How To : Sneeze or cough properly into your sleeve

Many diseases are spread by poor coughing and sneezing techniques. Most people put their hands in front of their mouths and noses to stop germs from getting into the air. Unfortunately, this technique puts the germs on their hands. The germs are then spread to telephones and d ...more

HowTo : Sneeze Properly

Sneezing is more than just a nuisance, it's a danger to the health of innocent bystanders. The amazing Richard Massingham, hypochondriac and master of PSA filmmaking, demonstrates how to sneeze properly, therefore preventing the spread of toxic germs. (Enjoy the last 30 secon ...more

News : Epic Elevator Sneeze Prank

Latest sneeze prank video, from professional pranksters over at DM Pranks Productions. This is a followup from the epic "sneeze prank gone wrong" I posted last week. Check this out, simply amazing! Video: .

News : Epic Sneeze Prank Fail

The idea behind this sneeze prank was brilliant, the only problem is this guys got busted BIG TIME... and this hot blooded Italian guy got back at them, with a vengeance. this is possibly the funniest epic fail seen in a reaaaaaally long time! Video: .

How To : sneeze without snotting others

This is a fascinating exploration by a New Hampshire public health group. Their only known function is to teach people how to properly sneeze. (Yup. We were skeptical at first. But we did our research, and it is for real.) The sneeze is a proven agent of disease disseminatio ...more

How To : Tell if You Have a Cold or the Flu

Have the sniffles? Yes. Does your head hurt? Yes. Coughing? Yes. Could you have influenza? Yes. How do you know the difference? With these symptoms, you could also have a cold. In the US right now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that flu season is ...more

How To : Refinish a wooden propeller for an airplane

Learn how to refinish a wooden propeller for an airplane and repair small nicks using epoxy. Watch how to sand to prepare for the epoxy. (Afraid the epoxy will flow off? Learn how to keep it in place!) Be careful not to sneeze . . .

How To : Trick your nose into sneezing

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make themselves sneeze. Users will just need a cotton swab. This trick is very easy, fast and simple to do. Carefully insert the cotton swab in one of your nostrils. Then gently move the cotton swab around in your nasal passageway. ...more

How To : Stop allergy sneezing with herbal supplements

You are sneezing and you eyes are all red and itchy, that can only mean one thing it is allergy season. Watch this how to video and learn natural home remedies and treatments for allergies from pharmacologist Joe Graedon. He shows you how to stop the allergies with a few over ...more

News : Know How to Repair iPhones? You Could Make $20,000

Are you looking for a get-rich-quick scheme? Need a way to buy that Tesla you lied about having? Well, I don't know how to get you that. But what I can tell you is there is an emerging market that pays pretty darn well, for work that's more than interesting. I'm talking, of co ...more

News : Take it on

Take It On Many critics of Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) base their criticisms on the training methodology of the “old school.” Kata and pre-arranged partnered sets, they say, don’t prepare the trainee for anything “real.” The approach of TMA, they continue, is based on assu ...more

News : One on Three

Fill three glasses with coke, water, beer or stuff like that. All the members of the cast have to spit into two of those glasses and (who wants to) sneeze in them two... to make it really disgusting! Then, one blindfolded member of the cast has the three glasses in front of hi ...more

News : You Don't Need Antibiotics for Pink Eye

Crusty, itchy, red eyes? There is a decent chance you could have conjunctivitis, or pink eye, an infection of the thin lining around the eye and the eyelid, caused by bacteria, an allergen, virus, or even your contact lenses. Whatever the cause — you call up your doctor to get ...more

News : A Human Has Caught the Bird Flu... From a Cat!

Cats give us so much—companionship, loyalty, love... and now the bird flu. Several weeks ago, a veterinarian from the Animal Care Centers of New York City's Manhattan shelter caught H7N2 from a sick cat. According to a press release from the NYC Health Department on December ...more

News : Worrisome Outbreak of Mumps Spreads in Colorado

Officials in Colorado are concerned as 61 cases of the mumps were reported so far this year, a significant increase in the prevalence of the contagious disease in the state. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) state that the number is more than th ...more

How To : Wear a fashionable longer skirt for fall

This ain't your mother's long hippie skirt from the '70s. While a few months ago we would have never thought we'd wear a dress longer than our knees, fall fashion is dictating that the long skirt - and by long we mean down to the ankles - is back in style. But given that we h ...more

How To : Avoid getting mononucleosis

Mononucleosis, an infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, can strike anyone, but those who experience the worst symptoms are teenagers. Follow these simple steps to avoid getting this virus. You Will Need * To avoid kissing * Clean hands * Your own utensils Step 1 Avoid k ...more

News : Mumps Outbreak Leads to Health Alert for Boston

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) issued a health alert for a Boston mumps outbreak, on Monday, June 5th, to healthcare providers and local boards of health. There have been 12 reported cases of mumps during the recent outbreak. The affected residents' sympto ...more

How To : Protect Your Child from Whooping Cough

How to protect your child from Whooping cough Pertussis — Famously known as whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by an organism called Bordetella pertussis. To Avoid infection by such dangerous organism, the child must take scheduled vaccination. Inc ...more

How To : Use positive reinforcement to train a dog

Positive reinforcement can be used to teach fun tricks as well as obedience. Watch how Sammi was taught how to fetch a tissue when someone sneezes using all positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Learn how to train a dog by effectively rewarding the dog by watching th ...more

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