How to Study Well

How To : Why You Should Study to Be a Hacker

Welcome back, my budding hackers! People often ask me, "Why are you training hackers? Isn't that illegal?" Although I usually give them a short version of this post, there are MANY reasons why YOU should be studying hacking. Before I begin, I want to re-emphasize to all of y ...more

How To : Make & Study Viruses

Hello, Hackers/Viewers! My name is nullf0x, and I have 4 years of experience as a hacker. You might see everyday that one of your friends or acquaintances get a new virus in their computer. You might think, How cool would it be if I made a virus? or How cool would I be if i c ...more

How To : Study high school organic chemistry

Chemguy AKA Rob reviews the various diagrams in organic chemistry. This is a 16 part series from this Canadian high school Chemistry teacher. Organic chemistry is a discipline within chemistry which involves the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reac ...more

News : Why YOU Should Study Digital Forensics

As many of you know, I have been running a couple of series here on Null Byte about digital forensics called Digital Forensics for the Aspiring Hacker and Digital Forensics Using Kali. Although many readers have seemed to enjoy these series, just as many seem to be pondering, ...more

How To : Download and install Zekr (Qur'an Study Tool)

New to Ubuntu Linux? This computer operating system could be a bit tricky for beginners, but fret not, help is here. Check out this video tutorial on how to install Zekr (Qur'an Study Tool) on Ubuntu Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Zekr is an open platform Quran study tool for si ...more

How To : Read a tree diagram when studying probability

In this video the tutor shows how to read a tree diagram. He shows an example of a tree diagram and says that tree diagram represents the choices made by a student in a cafeteria by ordering different kinds of foods and the chain in which the they are ordered. Now every combin ...more

How To : Do a watercolor study of cat eyes

Here is a short study/demonstration clip of cats eyes in watercolor, Titled Crystal Blue Persuasion, by Lori Andrews. Learn how to paint watercolor cat eyes with the text notes in the video. Lori Andrews is a self taught artist and painting instructor.

How To : Study

Learning Style What kind of learner are you? There are three different ways people learn: Auditory learner: A person who learns best by listening. This type of person will benefit best by finding someone to study with, to ask each other questions, and to read the study mater ...more

How To : Study the English language more effectively

In this video from EnglishTeacherLive we learn some study tips on how to improve your English. 1.Don't be shy. Take every opportunity you can to learn English. 2.Learn phrases, not just single words. It's easier to remember and much more useful, plus you'll learn grammar at ...more

How To : Build your own bookcase for your study

If you have a ton of books and no place to store them, a bookcase may be needed. Buying one from the store is an easy way out, but building one on your own is another great idea. Not only will you have the power to determine how it looks and what size it will be, but you'll fe ...more

How To : Study chords & practice playing harmonized scales

This is a video guitar lesson brought to you by, and is Part 1 in the series "Harmonized Moveable Chord Shapes". This video lesson covers how to study chords on the guitar neck, and how to practice playing harmonized scales using both triad and seventh chord q ...more

How To : Solve Shultz's unstoppable pawn chess game study

Solve this chess study by Schultz (1941). Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk shows you just how to do it in this chess video tutorial. White plays and wins. In order to win, white needs to promote his pawn down the board -- the unstoppable pawn, to get a queen in this chess endga ...more

How To : Use chromatography to study plants

This video is a tutorial on how to use chromatography correctly to study plants. The tools needed to complete the task are a plant, jar or bottle, rubbing alcohol, paper coffee filter and a plastic spoon. The first step is to chop the plant up and place it into a jar followed ...more

How To : Write a legal business case study

Law and business are frequently connected more closely than many are comfortable with. Thus, writing business case studies is a big part of legal life in law school and when working at a firm. Watch this video to learn how to write a great business case study.

How To : Study effectively in college

In this video, we learn how to study effectively in college. First of all, make sure you don't have an distractions around you. Find a place where you can study quietly where nobody will bother you and where you won't break your concentration. Find a way to study that works fo ...more

Study : You'll Remember More by Photographing Less

Thanks to the steady increase in quality of smartphone cameras, it's easier than ever to take amazing photos or video without thinking twice. If you've been to a concert in the last five years, you undoubtedly know what I mean. But it turns out that using your camera as a new ...more

How To : Solve a chess study in geometry by Troitzky

Let Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk teach you how to play a game of chess in this chess video tutorial. This is a very nice chess study composed by Troitzky in 1910. White plays and wins. Try to find the solution to this chess conundrum if you can. Let's just say your Queen i ...more

How To : Solve a difficult chess study from Ryabinin

Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk shows you how to play a difficult chess study from Ryabinin in this chess video tutorial. GM Kosteniuk tells you precisely her thinking process while solving a difficult chess study by Ryabinin. White plays and draws the chess game, can you fig ...more

How To : Cram & study effectively for a test

Chau-Minh, a private tutor, discusses cramming and how to do it effectively. This video does not intend to endorse cramming, but if you are probably screwed then you might as well see it. When you cram, don't expect to get a high grade because you lack time. To pull out a high ...more

How To : Study planetary bulge with a science experiment

It is a well known fact that due to the rotation of the Earth about its own axis has a bulging effect on the equator and a slight flattening effect at the poles. This experiment tries the reproduce the same effect using simple materials. All you need is a card stock paper, a ...more

How To : Study for college exams

In this video, we learn how to study for college exams. Start focusing and get ready for the new exam after you take the first one. Just make sure you wind down and relax after that test for a couple of days. This will let your brain rest and give you a well-deserved break fro ...more

How To : Study & practice triad chord construction

This is a video tutorial on how to study and practice triad chord construction. The video starts off with explanations on consonant sound which is a stable and relaxing sound like any major or minor chord. The other type of sound is the unstable kind of sound. There are 4 kind ...more

How To : Help your kids have fun while studying

Kids would usually rather play than do their homework, but follow these parenting tips to make studying fun for them. Determine your child's learning style, and tailor homework time specially for them. Remove distractions from the environment so kids can focus on their educati ...more

How To : Study for a test

In this how-to video, you will learn how to properly study for a test or for homework. The author offers a few great tips. You should avoid cramming and study well before the test date. Make a list of everything that is going to be on the test. Memorize facts and formulas. Mak ...more

How To : Solve a chess game study from the Book of Salvio

Learn from this chess video tutorial, hosted by Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, on how to solve the chess game study from the Book of Salvio (1604). White plays and wins by sacrificing his rook and moving his pawn up the chessboard to get queened. It's as simple as that. Endg ...more

How To : Speak Lebanese Arabic (Studying Lingo)

Hello guys, this lesson is for students and about everything related to studying . I hope you enjoy it. Video: . Next week, there will be a surprise for you all, I'll be announcing it in the next video, make sure you check it out when it gets published. :)

News : Visual Thought Study by Sam Spreckley

Beautiful Eerie Cinematography and Fantastic Editing. This film by Sam Spreckley an artist out of Scotland.  His experimental film shown above is quite abstract yet moving none the less. The imagery looks to have been acquired with various sources which adds to the textural ...more

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