How to Take Care You Plant

How To : Read a Lowe's plant care tag

This quick video tutorial from Lowe's will show you how to properly read a plant's care tag. Every Lowe's plant has its own Care Tag, and by reading the tag you will earn how to care for your individual plants. Each tag also comes with a number which you can type in at lowes.c ...more

How To : Plant and care for azaleas

It's our favorite gardener Jose Zuniga and in this video series he shows you how to properly plant azaleas and how to care for them. Part 1 of 14 - How to Plant and care for azaleas. Plant and care for azaleas - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage. ...more

How To : Use the yucca plant to care for feminine hygiene

Being in the wilderness for an extended amount of time can be bad for your health. One thing it can do for you is cause major problems in the personal hygiene department. Find out how to keep yourself nice and clean by using a yucca plant. A must watch for the women! We look ...more

How To : Plant and care for little bamboo

The addition of plants can add warmth and beauty to any room in the home. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with a green thumb. This video shows you how to plant and care for one of the most beautiful and low-maintenance members of the plant family, the little bamboo. Sup ...more

How To : Plant and care for rhubarb

Learn how you can plant and care for rhubarb with this gardening tutorial. As rhubarb is likely to be in one position for many years, ground preparation is very important. Plenty of organic matter in the form of garden compost or rotted manure should be worked into the soil an ...more

How To : Plant and care for sweet peas

Learn how you can plant and care for sweet peas with this gardening tutorial. Sweet peas are one of the best annual climbing plants for the garden and they can be grown in several different ways to get a superb display of flowers through the summer months. Traditionally sweet ...more

How To : Plant and care for miniature plants

This how to video gives you some great ideas for having plants in small spaces. These miniature plants are easy to care for and are perfect to have in a condominium or apartment. Watch this gardening tutorial and learn how you can have a garden of miniatures in your apartment.

How To : Plant and care for a Dwarf Palm Tree

Dwarf palm trees allow people from all over the world to give their homes tropical flare without moving to the tropics. This video will teach you some tips for maintaining and taking care of your dwarf palm tree so it grows happy and healthy

How To : Plant and care for Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons must have lime-free soil and that can make them tricky for some of us that garden on neutral or limey soils. Planting in the garden is a waste of time and money. If you want, you can make a raised bed and fill that with acid soil but digging a hole in your garden ...more

How To : Plant orchids and care for the development

This video series gives you expert knowledge on orchid growth and structures. William Hutchinson teaches you all about the leaves, roots, pseudobulbs, and preferred growing conditions of many common orchid types. This is the first in four series on orchid care. Part 1 of 16 - ...more

How To : Care for a Serissa Bonsai plant

The Serissa (Serissa foetida syn. Serissa japonica), is a great little plant for Bonsai. It flowers for most of the year with tiny white and sometimes pink flowers. It is extremely easy to propagate through cuttings. Just take a cleanly cut branch and stick it in sphagnum moss ...more

How To : Care for and transplant small house plants

This is a great way to learn how to upgrade your small house plants into bigger ones. Start over plants once a year. Put rocks on the bottom for drainage. Bugs help your plants to grow. Do not use Pesticides on your house plants. Water weekly. Compost bins make great soil. Swe ...more

How To : Care for house plants growing in water

Growing plants in the Southwest is different then other climates. We learn how to grow plants in water. Salt is a factor that we need to be cautious of. Salt is in soil and in water. Water, once absorbed leaves a layer of salt. It can be avoided by watering in a certain way. C ...more

How To : Care for gardening plants

Gardening is a great hobby for anyone looking to grow beautiful flowers, ferns or fruit bearing plants. Learn how to care for a variety of garden plants with gardening tips from a horticulturist in this free video series. Part 1 of 28 - How to Care for gardening plants. Care f ...more

How To : Care for house plants

How to care for house plants; get professional tips and advice from an expert on caring for indoor plants and flowers in this free gardening video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Care for house plants. Care for house plants - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on ex ...more

How To : Grow and care for prennial plants

Our greenthumb expert Martha Cycz introduces you to whole new circle of friends, ones with exotic titles like Bretisia, Echinacea and Dicentia. But don't let the sophisticated names fool you: these are very approachable plants, ones which will return your affection year around ...more

How To : Care for carnivorous plants in a terrarium

How to Select the Right Type of Terrarium. This outlines where and how the habitat of a carnivorous plant like a venus fly trap is designed. Part 1 of 15 - How to Care for carnivorous plants in a terrarium. Care for carnivorous plants in a terrarium - Part 2 of 15. Click throu ...more

How To : Care for bougainvillea plants

Bougainvillea plants make an excellent addition to any garden because of their colorful flowers. Learn how to care for bougainvilleas with tips from a gardener in this free plant care video series. Part 1 of 10 - How to Care for bougainvillea plants. Care for bougainvillea pla ...more

How To : Care for hibiscus plants

In this video, we learn how to take care of hibiscus plants. These can grow anywhere from 3-10 feet tall, so make sure to take care of these! Some extra steps to help are to: plant these in a well drained area and water it, let it drain and water it again. During the winter, m ...more

How To : Take care of Fuschia plants in your garden

Fuschia flowers are very pretty, and they aren't too hard to grow if you've got a nice garden to work with. Watch this video for all kinds of tips on caring for Fuschia plants, like when to deadhead them and when to start and stop adding fertilizer.

How To : Care for and water marijuana plants

This video tutorial shows how to effectively water marijuana plants. Don't let your weed investment die of dehydration. Watch this how-to video and learn how to care for and water marijuana plants while growing indoors at home.

How To : Care for a Bonsai plant

If thinking about growing your own Bonsai, remember these are trees. Granted they're miniaturized and kept in small containers but they need to be kept outdoors. One wouldn't bring a Red Maple or Azalea inside, same here. They will require diligent care, they will need to be c ...more

How To : Care for house plants

In this video series, our expert will teach you how to care for house plants. You will learn easy to follow instructions for caring for tropical house plants, cactus and other unusual house plants. Get tips for avoiding common gardening mistakes, using the right soil, and prov ...more

How To : Care for Air Plants (& Decorate with Them)

For a low-maintenance houseplant with infinite decorating possibilities, look no further than Tillandsia, an epiphytic genus commonly known as air plants. Air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves and do not need to be planted in soil to stay alive. In you ...more

How To : Take care of overgrown houseplants

Nicole Pantaleon shares some plant care tips for your household plants. She shows you what to do when your green thumb becomes too green, resulting in a mammoth, overgrown leafy beast lurking in the corner. Learn how to cut back and trim down your house plants, how to re-pot a ...more

How To : Care for cannas

Learn how to care for canna plants with Carol Klein's comprehensive video guide covering planting, overwintering, and dealing with viruses such as canna yellow mottle, and bean yellow mosaic. Gardeners' World is brought to you by the BBC. Search Gardeners' World on WonderHowT ...more

How To : Pick and care for poinsettias

Learn how to choose and care for poinsettias with Southwest Yard and Garden's John White. You will be taken through the typical height and specifications for poinsettias, as well as what to look for in the leaves and flowers. One of the most important parts of growing poinsett ...more

How To : Care for venus flytrap, gloxinia and bromeliad

To care for:Venus Flytrap: It is a great project for children, however, there are a few things to remember to look after this plant. Firstly it is best to use cover to protect the plant, as they have a tendency to dry out quickly. Also be careful not to overfeed the plant inse ...more

How To : Make a newspaper tree

The Professor of Silliness returns with some paper. Watch this instructional video to make a tall tree out of newspaper. You need an old newspaper, masking tape, and scissors. Simply lay out the newspaper pages from end to end and tape them together. Then roll it up at a diago ...more

How To : Use farmhands and arborists in FarmVille (7/2/10)

This video tutorial shows how to use arborists and farmhands in FarmVille (07/02/10). Farmhands and arborists are two of the most powerful helper tools that you can employ on a large FarmVille farm, allowing you to take care of all of your plants of a particular type with a si ...more

How To : Make dried flower arrangements

This is a how to video on making dried flower arrangements. It is presented by John white along with Virginia podmenik, Master Gardener from southwest yard and garden show. John white and Virginia podmenik, Master Gardener from the Dona Ana co. walk us through the various type ...more

How To : Identify problems with pecans & pruning grapevines

Master Gardener Rosamarie Maddox asks John White, Doña Ana County Extension Agent, about problems facing her pecans, grapevines, and native shrubs. An unidentified insect found on her pecan tree is identified by John White as a Twice Stabbed Ladybug. This ladybug is a useful i ...more

How To : Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Many people start their day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee. They purchase their coffee with care and enjoy it greatly. But what do you do with those grounds once you’ve drunk your coffee? Here are some uses for those used coffee grounds! Note: It's always easiest to handle co ...more

How To : Pick plants and trees at a nursery

How to pick plants and trees at a nursery When you are buying annuals it is best to buy them when they are not blooming and colorful. That way they can bloom and be colorful in your yard. Plants with lot's of tight buds that haven't opened are the best ones to buy. You also wa ...more

How To : Dominate the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

First off, don't be frustrated. YOU CAN DO IT! Contrary to the message in the image above, it's NOT over. It's just beginning. And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice makes perfect. I've read quite a few books and ...more

How To : Properly take care of blueberry bushes

If you love eating blueberries, but hate paying so much for those delicious pieces of fruit, why not plant your own. Oh, and if you're worried about killing the plant, not to worry, this tutorial will show you how to properly take care of your blueberry bush. So check it out a ...more

How To : Prevent powdery mold on plants

Powdery mold can be destructive to late season crops. The mold eats the leaves, and can finally kill the plant. Learn how to prevent and eliminate this problem. Take care of your survival garden, and it will take care of you.

How To : Understand plants' growing needs

Learn about plant care and various plants' growing needs in this free video series on gardening. Part 1 of 18 - How to Understand plants' growing needs. Understand plants' growing needs - Part 2 of 18. Click through to watch this video on Understand plants' g ...more

How To : Let Mother Nature take care of roses during winter

Every time fall rolls around, gardeners tend to take their time when pruning plants in their garden. Roses are the most commonly pruned plants during the fall since many are trying to help protect them before the cold winter months arrive. But it's sometimes best to listen to ...more

How To : Care for clematis

Scott from Spring Hill Nursery gives advice on caring for clematis, a beautiful plant that is easy to grow. Clematis blooms in late summer or early fall, and thrives in almost any conditions. It does fine in either full sun or a partly shaded location, but you should use mulch ...more

How To : Care for hydrangeas

Scott from Spring Hill Nursery with Step by Step Gardening teaches you some basics about hydrangea plants. He talks about how to take care of the plants, how to ensure blooming, and some planting considerations. Hydrangea plants need at least five hours a day in order to bloom ...more

How To : Grow mountain laurel plants from seeds

How to grow mountain laurel plants; get professional tips and advice from an expert on caring for plants and flowers in this free gardening video series. Part 1 of 5 - How to Grow mountain laurel plants from seeds. Grow mountain laurel plants from seeds - Part 2 of 5. Click th ...more

How To : Grow and take care of poinsettia year round

More likely than not this holiday season you'll either be buying a poinsettia plant or will receive one as a hostess present. Rather than letting yours wither away and die as you forget repeatedly that it may need a little water to survive, check out this gardening tip video t ...more

How To : Take care of orchids during the winter

Orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers that you can own, but they are tropical and if you live somewhere with bad winters you have to take special steps to take care of your plants. Watch this video to find out how.

How To : Care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid

This is a great series of videos demonstrating how to care for Phalaenopsis orchids. You'll learn how to best plant in order to get full bloom and growth. Part 1 of 2 - How to Care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid. Part 2 of 2 - How to Care for a Phalaenopsis Orchid.

How To : Care for a Lophophora Williamsii peyote cactus

Right now the cultivation of Lophophora is not scheduled as controlled in majority of countries and is just as any other ornamental plant. Peyote thrives in warm, sunny places, and aren't any more difficult to care for then any other cactus. Watch this video tutorial and learn ...more

How To : Prune and trim trees

As a home owner, you should pay careful attention to the trees that surround your house. Dead limbs and some smaller "roughage" can pose a danger to you and your family, as well as your home, if your trees are not cared for properly. Essentially, proper pruning is essential fo ...more

How To : Plant fall blooming bulbs

Watch as a flower expert and professional gardener demonstrates how to plant and care for fall-blooming bulbs, including Amarylles, Elephant Ears, and more, in this free online video about home gardening. Part 1 of 18 - How to Plant fall blooming bulbs. Plant fall blooming bul ...more

How To : Cure your tomato plant of the dreaded horn worm

How to cure your tomato plant of the dreaded horn worm If you have tomato plants that are chewed up and missing pieces you probably have tomato horn worms. You can control horn worms using insecticide or you can take them off my hand. If your pecan leaves have yellow splotches ...more

How To : Plant and grow Snapdragons

This video series with Jose Zuniga as your Snapdragon guide, covers all aspects of planting, growing and caring for Snapdragons. He discusses both keeping them in tubs and as well as in your yard or garden. The series is broken into 12 video parts that will play sequentially. ...more

How To : Build a farm in Minecraft

Wondering how to build a farm in Minecraft? Watch this video for a detailed guide to designing and creating a farm. You'll learn about planting and irrigation techniques so that the farm you build will basically take care of itself.

How To : Easily prune roses

When it comes to taking care of plants, specifically flowers, pruning is an important task that must done be done. This will help ensure that the plant gets the right nutrients needed and prevents any kind of decay or disease from killing it. In this video tutorial, you'll fin ...more

How To : Plant and grow potatoes in a container

Are you an amateur gardener, and looking forward to the next thing to plant? Why not plant potatoes? They're hardy, delicious, and don't require too much care. Watch this video to learn how to plant and grow potatoes in a container. At the end of it, you'll always have a great ...more

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