How to Turn on a Lathe

How To : Pick the right lathes for turning big bowls

Barnum, a woodturning instructor at State University of New York in Purchase, shows off the powerful motors on these lathes, which offer high torque at low speeds -- ideal for turning big-diameter or off-balance work. He also demonstrates how the heft, speed control, and outbo ...more

How To : Turn Wooden Ear Plugs on a Lathe

I turned my first ear plug purely as a challenge when the question was asked on a turning forum and nobody could provide an answer. I didn't know much about them, only a general concept of the shape I was going after. This method does use a chuck, but I'll go over how to do i ...more

How To : Make a wood ring

A wooden ring can be a beautiful, handcrafted item of jewelry, rare and unquiet. This excellent how to will show you the steps necessary to turn your own wooden ring on a lathe and then finish it for wearing. The wood used in this video is Cocobolo, a lovely hardwood that will ...more

How To : Cut a rotor

Before cutting the rotors select a centering cone that fits about halfway through the center hole of hub-less rotor or bearing spacer to center the rotor to the spindle. After select two identical clamps that fit the rotor without interfering with the machined surfaces of the ...more

How To : Preparing a bowl blank for woodturning

Learn how to prepare a bowl blank for turning on the lathe in this free video series on woodturning techniques. Part 1 of 16 - How to Preparing a bowl blank for woodturning. Preparing a bowl blank for woodturning - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch this video on expertvilla ...more

How To : Finish and buff a woodturned bowl

What tools and materials do you need for turning a bowl on a lathe? Learn more about the equipment for woodturning in this free woodworking video from a wood shop expert. Part 1 of 16 - How to Finish and buff a woodturned bowl. Finish and buff a woodturned bowl - Part 2 of 16. ...more

News : Man Builds Camera as Big as His Dog

Gil Adam, a student of Industrial Design in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, has created a 3:1 scale model of his favorite plastic camera, the Holga. While the camera is just a model (non-operational), it's pretty fun to see the oversized object next to ...more

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