How to Unbrick an Ipod

How To : Unbrick an iPod Touch

Jeremy teaches us how to unbrick an iPod touch in this tutorial. First, hold the bottom button and top button simultaneously until the device shuts off. Hold these together until the logo comes on the device, then let go. The Apple logo will stay around for several seconds, ma ...more

How To : Unbrick your frozen iPhone or iPod Touch

iPhones, iPads, iPods and iPod Nanos are great, but every now and then they get stuck or frozen and you can't do a single thing to get past that "brick" wall. When your iPhone or iPod Touch goes kaput, check out this tutorial to learn how to unbrick your frozen i-gadget. Thes ...more

How To : Put your Apple iPod or iPhone into DFU mode

If you own an Apple iPod or iPhone, and you want to unbrick it, you'll need to prepare the device first. This video will show you how to put your Apple iPod or iPhone into DFU mode, which means Device Firmware Update. You'll need to attach the Apple device to your computer for ...more

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