How to Use Fcp Motion

How To : Add motion templates to create lower thirds in FCP

If you have ever seen the motion graphics stream across the screen on your favorite TV show, news cast or game show, and dreamed of having that on your own videos, your prayers have been answered. Final Cut Pro, part of Final Cut Studio 2, lets you add some extremely cool and ...more

How To : Do keyframing color correction in Final Cut Pro

In this episode of Final Cut Help, Richard Harrington takes a look at keyframing the three way color corrector in FCP. As details change in a movie clip you can have the filter adjust its values over time. This example uses a video of a bird starting in a bright sky and ending ...more

How To : Create Motion 3 master templates in Final Cut Pro

Why recreate your lower 3rds or bumpers over and over for different clients, when you can create some templates in Motion 3 you can easily change and customize in Final Cut Pro. This podcast shows you how to create master templates in Motion 3 and use them in FCP 6. Create Mot ...more

How To : Pan & zoom in Boris Continuum Complete for FCP

Learn how to use Boris Continuum Complete's Pan and Zoom filter in Final Cut Pro for easy, documentary-style animation! BCC Pan and Zoom filter will allow you to create Ken Burns style effects on still images in Final Cut Pro. The BCC plug-in is available for other motion grap ...more

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