How To : Draw Naruto weaponry

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Naruto weaponry. First, draw the handle in a circle shape, then connect a cylinder shape to that. From here, draw in the point for the knife. After this, shade in the sides of the handle and the base. To draw another weapon, you will draw ...more

How To : Draw a cylinder

In this tutorial, we learn how to draw a cylinder. First, you will draw the sides of the cylinder and then the curves for the top and the bottom. After this, complete the circle at the top and then shade in the side with crosshatching. From here, draw some lines to shade in on ...more

How To : Draw a cylinder using a right prism as a guide

Drawing a perfect cylinder is hard. Heck, drawing a damn circle is hard for most of us. Which is why you shouldn't be ashamed of using some extra tools when formulating one on paper. If you want to seriously create the finest cylinder you've ever seen, then watch this drawing ...more

How To : Draw a cute little dog

In this art video the instructor shows how to draw a dog. He starts by drawing some basic figures of circle and square for the head and face of the dog. Next he draws a cylinder for the body of it. He goes on and shows how to add the legs and tail to it. Now he finally shows h ...more

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