How To : Apply textures to a face in Photoshop

Ever wanted to wow your friends with your MySpace photos? In this video tutorial you will learn to apply textures to a model's face to create a dark, Gothic look. This technique is often seen on Deviant Art forums.

How To : Create digital makeup in Photoshop

There are so many ways to enhance your photos in Photoshop these days, it is amazing we need actual models at all! In this video, learn how to add or change the makeup on your model. If you have changed your artistic idea after shooting, or feel like your subject could just us ...more

How To : Retouch an image in Photoshop CS4

This video is describing how to retouch a photograph by using Photoshop CS4. The first step is to get a photo that you would like to edit, preferably of a person's face. Then make a new layer that duplicates the background, go to Gaussian blur, then go to hard light for your l ...more

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