News : Fake airplane CRASH!!!

You guys should play a prank on the the whole cast and load them on a fake airplane,but the plane has to look legit! as they take off everything seems to be going to plan but then all of a sudden a little bit of turnblence occurs then red hazzard light and alram start going of ...more

News : Freefall Elevator

Tips a secret prank for Jeff and Johnny to read , or the element of surprise will be lost. hi : ) Find a very tall hotel and arrange for remote control of the elevator system that it actually freeefalls and can up n down like a super bungie via a remote pad. Early mo ...more

News : Walmart Intercom Interception

Go into a Walmart and find one of the intercom phones. When no one is around pick it up and announce a sale on human organs or something. Try to hit as many intercoms as possible as clerks chase you around the store.

News : Drive-Thru

Tips Make sure this restaurant has only ONE drive-thru window and not two; there is going to be a surprise at the end Also confirm beforehand that the restaurant staff is mostly American; You want there to be people who are familiar with Jackass, let alone MTV Pull up to a l ...more

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