How To : Fold an origami duck

Robert Lang teaches how to fold an origami duck. Quack! Robert Lang is a professional origami artist showing at museums and galleries. Perfect your origami skills with an expert.

How To : Fold an origami duck out of money

Looking to add some waterfowl to your paper menagerie? Make an easy, elegant duck toy using origami, the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. This free origami video lesson presents complete instructions on how to make your own ducks from folded paper. For more info ...more

How To : Origami a duck face Japanese style

Fold an origami duck face. Origami Club in English is a free origami information site, with origami animations and origami diagrams. Diagrams for each origami works are printable on B5 and A4 paper. These instructional animated slides teach you how to easily fold a duck fac ...more

How To : Origami a frog, duck, dog, bat, lily and more

This great video tutorial from Michael LaFosse will show you how to not only make a cool, green jumping frog, but it will also show you how to make a simple traditional origami duck, a puppy dog, a water lily, a phoenix, an advanced butterfly, and a happy good-luck bat. Just m ...more

How To : Fold a Mandarin origami duck

Watch and learn how to fold a paper origami Mandarin duck. Our host shows you how to make the origami animal with plaid paper, but you can use your favorite color.

How To : Origami a duck

Every origami enthusiast should know how to fold a variety of birds. This video will teach you to fold an origami duck.

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