How To : Replace outer tie rod ends

In this video, Rich Pin teaches us how to replace an outer tie rod end on a vehicle. First, get the vehicle in the air supported on jack stands, and remove the tire wheel assembly. Next, put a mark on the top of the tie rod shaft so you know where to line it up when you replac ...more

How To : Check and replace a tie rod on your car

Have you ever pulled on one of your car's wheels and noticed a disconcerting wiggle? You probably have a worn out tie rod. Watch this video to learn how you can check and if necessary replace the tie rods in your car.

How To : replace Outer Tie rods on a Grand Prix

Video: . This is how is replaced the outer tie rods on a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. Most late model GM vehicles will be similar to this Grand Prix. 97-03 Grand Prix, 04-08 Grand Prix, 00-05 Monte Carlo and Impala, 97-03 Regal Step 1:

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