How To : Bind-off and weave in ends for knitting

Check out this video to learn how to bind off and weave in ends while knitting. Learn different binding off methods to discover which is easier for you. Part 1 of 3 - How to Bind-off and weave in ends for knitting. Part 2 of 3 - How to Bind-off and weave in ends for knitting. ...more

How To : Weave in ends when knitting

An easy, up close, demonstration of HOW TO WEAVE IN ENDS By Judy Graham, Knitter to the Stars, who's knits have appeared in movies, TV, and concerts for over 30 years and who has been hand knitting for over 50 years. Check out the web-site for more knitting tips, what it's lik ...more

How To : Weave in ends into a double or treble crochet

This video shows you how to weave in your ends on a project when you really don't have stitches to weave into. Instead of weaving it onto the edge, in case of continuation, it can be woven back into the crocheted stitches. Watch this video crocheting tutorial and learn how to ...more

How To : Weave in ends on ribbing

This video demonstrates a very simple method of weaving in the ends of the yarn that are hanging out after you have finished knitting your garment. With the end piece threaded into a needle, bring it in one or two rows so it's not right on the edge. Then working up the row, we ...more

How To : Weave in ends on a stockinette stitch project

Let the Knit Witch show you how to weave the ends on your stockinette stitch project with this video tutorial. She takes a simple swatch of knitted pink fabric and shows you how to accomplish this simple but useful trick with black yarn so that it can be easily seen. Don't let ...more

How To : Weave the ends in a crochet project

This how-to video demonstrates how to weave the ends when you are crocheting. The basic concept of weaving ends is that you weave in the ends into the crochet project to make it look neater. All you need to practice this technique is a metal needle. Watch and learn. Part 1 of ...more

How To : Use the technique to weave in ends when knitting

This video shows us how to weave in ends when knitting. Here are the following steps: Step 1: Take a needle specially meant for wool thread and scissor. Step 2: Now put the wool thread through the needle. Cut the extra thread so that the thread should not be more than six in ...more

How To : Knit a Decorative Flower

This beautiful flower can be used as decoration on a hat, scarf, headband or purse. You name it. There are many uses. On the photo above, I added it to a hat. I have also used it as a decoration on a napkin ring. The flower is knit in three parts. Check out the instructions be ...more

How To : Knit a Triangle with Yarn Over Edge

The Yarn Over (YO) edge is a nice way to increase. Here's how to do it for a Triangle Scarf. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE HOW TO DO THE YO BIND OFF. Cast on 1 stitch. Next row K that stitch and increase in that stitch so you have 2 stitches. Next row K those 2 stitches and increas ...more

How To : Knit a Stockinette Stitch Wash Rag (Dish Cloth)

They can be called wash rags, wash cloths or dish cloths. There are lots of different patterns for them. Here's an easy washcloth that incorporates the Stockinette Stitch with Seed Stitch edging. I used Softball Cotton and #8 needle. My finished size is approximately 8 inches ...more

How To : Weave in loose ends when knitting

This is a video on how to weave in ends on kniting. First take two ends at a time, tie the new color and a half not around the current working color, and tie them. The thread the end onto the yarn needle, and go througha few of the yarn stitches. Next give it a little pull to ...more

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