Human Anatomy

How To : Grasp the anatomy of human upper arm muscles

You thought you knew everything there was to know about the human body. Well, maybe, but probably not. Check out this science educational video series on the anatomy of the human upper arm muscles. These tutorials will cover the sites of muscle attachments, such as subscapula ...more

How To : Grasp the human neuroanatomy

If you just got done watching the video tutorials on the "human skeleton structure," then this is your next step. Check out this educational science video series on the neuroanatomy of the human body. You'll learn the anatomy of the nervous system through the spinal cord (cyl ...more

Friday Fresh : Top 10 How-To Videos of 2010

It's officially the last day of the year and there's no better way to end 2010 at WonderHowTo than with our own Top 10 list. The following 10 how-to videos have been hand-picked by the curators at WonderHowTo, and three of them have to do with male private parts, so be warned ...more

News : Bloodless Virtual Autopsies Nab Criminals

Virtual autopsies are the wave of the future in forensic medicine, using three-dimensional x-ray techniques instead of hacking through a mess of blood and guts. The Virtual Autopsy Table allows the cause of death to be determined quickly to aid in criminal investigations. Amaz ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the axillary fossa (armpit)

The axillary fossa is classically known to most people as the armpit. Here, in this human anatomy video tutorial, you'll see how to dissect the axillary fossa, which in its technical definition is the hollow under the upper part of the arm below the shoulder joint, bounded by ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see into the deep neck

The first step in this human anatomy video tutorial is reflecting the sternal cleidomastoid muscles from the attachment to the sternum and the clavicle. Sounds fun, huh? Well, science is fun, and dissecting a human is great, especially for an anatomy class. Here, you will lear ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the pharynx

Check out this human anatomy video tutorial to see how to dissect a human for a deep look at the pharynx, the mouth, and the cervical joints. The pharynx is the throat, in case you didn't know. It's the musculomembranous cavity behind the nasal cavities, mouth, and larynx, co ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the upper limb joints

Take a look at this human anatomy video tutorial to see how to dissect the upper limb joints on a human cadaver. You'll go through dissecting the shoulder joint, containing the glenohumeral joint and the acromioclavicular joint. So, get out your human corpse and your scalpel ...more

How To : Dissect a human ear

Okay, the hard part of human dissection is here -- the ear. This is an unusual dissection because you get a de-calcified portion of the skull to work with, so you can even cut through bone with just a scalpel. This human anatomy video tutorial will show you how to dissect the ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the abdominal autonomics

Need to check out the posterior abdominal wall of a human being? Well, go no further. This human anatomy video tutorial will show you how to dissect a human for a closer look at the abdominal autonomics, the genital and urinary systems, the diaphragm, and the posterior abdomin ...more

How To : Draw the figure of the female form

A female body is the most beautiful body in the world. Let's try to draw a female figure. First draw the basic shapes of the female posture. A good body is generally in 'S' shape. The curves have to be drawn properly like the legs, breast, stomach and then the face. When one f ...more

How To : Draw a human skull

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a human skull. Begin by drawing a half circle with the opening at the bottom. Add cheekbones by drawing two lines, starting just inside the line of the half circle and gently curving outside the half circle. Continue the cheekb ...more

News : They Say If You Can Draw Sculpting Is Easier

In the picture for this post you can see a grab of David Kassan's DVD sales page. The reason it is there, is if you really want to be the best, you should know how to draw. I suggest buying this DVD and anything from David Kassan, Jeremy Lipking or Tony Pro. If you want to lea ...more

News : 10 Accounts That Will Make You Sign Up for TikTok

Does TikTok scare you? Trust me, I get it. It's a strange, unfamiliar place to those of us not accustomed to its ways, populated by teenagers and college students with their own subcultures, memes, and humor. But here's the thing: TikTok has something for everyone, you include ...more

News : The HoloLens Is Already Teaching Tomorrow's Doctors

The human body is amazingly complex, and seeing inside one poses a variety of challenges whether you're dealing with an actual human or some kind of facsimile. Mixed reality offers the ability to get the best of both worlds by creating a holographic teaching tool for human ana ...more

How To : Grasp the human skeleton structure

Want to know all you can about the human body and its skeleton? Well, this science video tutorial series about human anatomy is all you'll need. Education is just a click away. These videos will show you the general human skeleton and all of its bones, the vertebral column, t ...more

How To : Disable an attacker

Ever wanted to know how to disable an attacker? The trick to getting away from an assailant – even one who's bigger and stronger than you are – is to hit 'em where it hurts. You Will Need: • Knowledge of the human anatomy • Bravery • A self-defense course (optional) Step ...more

How To : Grasp the brachial plexus in humans

The brachial plexus is a collection of nerves that supply the upper limb. It has three functions; motor innervation of skeletal muscles, sensory innervation of skin and muscles, and sympathetic innervation of the skin, specifically the sweat glands, and blood vessels. Sounds ...more

How To : Anatomize the human head, neck and skull

This is a special four-part series on the human head, neck and skull. Medical students can greatly benefit from watch this anatomy video series. Dr. Gita Sinha "dissects" all of the information pertaining to the head and neck. Dr. Sinha is Assistant Professor for the Departmen ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the leg and foot muscles

Okay, you failed anatomy 101, but you still want to know more about anatomy of a human. Well, you can simply watch this video tutorial that will show you how to cut up a human cadaver, dissecting its leg and foot, getting a good look at the science of the muscles. Don't try a ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the organs in the thorax

The science of the human body is a glorious thing, and educating yourself through its anatomy is a great way to learn. Here you'll learn how to dissect a human to see the organs in the thoracic cavity. You'll also see the lungs and pleural sacs, and the heart and pericardial s ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the abdominal wall

The third step to dissecting a human is looking at the muscles of the abdominal wall, or it can be your first step, or your second; the order's not important. What's important is that you get an "A" in anatomy class. So, if you want a deeper look at the anatomy of a human, th ...more

How To : Grasp the human cardiac action potential

Attentions all science nuts: Check out this video tutorial on human cardiac action potential. If you are interested in anatomy, biology, and especially physiology, then you have to watch these educational videos. You'll learn the pulse propagation, a pacemaker in the heart, t ...more

How To : Grasp the human physiology of the heart

Want to know what a septum is? An aorta? The bicuspid valve? These are all parts of the human heart, and in these educational tutorial videos, you'll learn all you need to know about the physiology of the human heart. Anatomy, biology, physiology... it's all science, so no mat ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the superficial neck

Get out your scalpel and remove the skin of your cadaver, because you're going to learn how to dissect a human to see the superficial neck. This anatomy video tutorial will teach you how to cut away the platysma muscle, which is a muscle of facial expression. You can't beat sc ...more

How To : Dissect a human to see the hip and thigh

Here, in this video tutorial on the anatomy of a human cadaver, you'll see how to dissect a human corpse, specifically the hip and thigh. You'll learn all about the science of the muscles, vessels, and nerves of the hip and thigh. Get out your scalpel and get learning. This e ...more

How To : Model a human body in Maya

This tutorial series shows you how to model anatomy of the human body in Maya and gives specific tips on how to eventually be able to do it from memory. Part one starts with the head, part two the torso, part 3 the legs, part four the foot, part 5 the arm, part 6 attaching the ...more

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