How To : Perform an ice-cube trick with sodium chloride

Think you can lift an ice-cube with nothing but a piece of string? In this cool how-to science lesson, Steve Spangler shows us how to do it, and explains what happens when salt is put on ice. We all know that salt is used to melt ice and snow, but do you know why? Leave it Ste ...more

News : Can You Pass the Crazy Chinese Driving Test?

China is a hot mess of traffic and is stereotyped for spawning some of the craziest drivers in the world. The traffic jams are known to be so bad, drivers have been gridlocked for 9 straight days. A truck driver washes himself after waiting more than two days in the jam on an ...more

How To : Paint winter, ice and snow inspired nails

Want to know how to make a cool winter nails look? Just follow this video tutorial to see how to paint winter, ice and snow inspired nails. This nail polish look is a great decoration for the winter season and is not super bright, but very girly and tender.

How To : Drive AWD cars on ice and snow

This is a video by Road & Track magazine that shows Acura AWD cars and SUVs driving on an ice track. It highlights strategies Drive AWD cars on ice and snow. Click through to watch this video on

How To : De-ice the windshield on your car

If you live in a snowy area then you probably know all too well the annoyance of having ice and snow build up on your windshield that you have to clean up in the morning before you leave home. There are easier ways to do it than what you're probably doing, and this video will ...more

How To : Stop yourself with an ice axe in mountaineering

Ali Alami with Fit Climb demonstrates how to stop yourself using an ice axe when mountaineering. Arresting yourself is important if you or a partner on a rope team trip or fall when climbing. To practice hold your ice axe across your chest and slide down a hill on your backsid ...more

REVIEW : The Way Back

Good to see Peter Weir back in the saddle! Mike braves the ice and snow to bring you this review of Weir's latest, an endurance/survival drama about Russians escaping a gulag.

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