How To : Import clips quickly into iMovie

Do you make your HowTos in iMovie on an older Mac and find that it takes forever to import videos into iMovie for editing? In this video tutorial, you'll learn a technique for importing clips into iMovie more quickly. Take a look.

How To : Use iMovie to edit videos on the iPhone

iMovie is probably the easiest-to-use suite of movie editing software ever put together, and in June Apple released a mobile version for the iPhone 4. Since the iPhone 4 can shoot HD video, this puts a lot of filmmaking power in the palm of your hand, literally. This video wil ...more

How To : Edit video in iMovie

Once you've learned how to import videos into iMovie and edit your footage, Videojug will show you how to begin building your project in iMovie. Edit video in iMovie. Click through to watch this video on

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