Improve Thumb Position on the Cello

How To : Improve thumb position on the cello

Check out this instructional cello video to learn how to have perfect thumb position while playing the cello. Thumb position is involved when you play on the upper part of the cello. This tutorial offers great tips and techniques for beginning cello players.

How To : Bowl more strikes like PBA Tour star Sean Rash

This video offers three tips for improving your bowling and throwing more strikes. The first step to becoming a great bowler is to pick the right ball weight. Bowling balls are normally between 6-16 pounds. A way to measure whether a ball is too heavy is to hold it in front of ...more

How To : Use a nail holder to hammer a nail in tight spots

There's many times when you're improving your home that you'll find yourself in a tight spot when driving a nail. Don't hit your thumb. Let home improvement expert Danny Lipford show you how to use a nail holder to hammer a nail in tight spots. When nailing in a tight spot, s ...more

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