Improve Your Chess Strategy

How To : Improve your chess strategy

This video tutorial is from Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, who shows you how to play a game of chess, like the masters play. Todays position is from the game Karpov vs Unzicker (1974). Anatoly Karpov gives Unzicker a lesson in chess strategy of particularly high level. Fin ...more

How To : Use opening moves game strategy in chess

This is a very informative video tutorial from Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk on how to use opening moves game strategy in chess. What happens after 2...f6? You'll find out in this chess how-to. Find out how to take out the rook quickly with the knight. LEVEL: Easy CATEGORY: ...more

How To : Gain strategy in your chess game

Strategy is key to being a proclaimed chess player. You need to know the ins and outs of situations and you have to be quick in your wit. This video emulates very good strategy played in a chess game giving you keys to build your own winning tactics.

How To : Win a chess game with a transatlantic flight

Join Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk in this chess video tutorial and learn how to play a cool game of chess. White plays and mates in two moves. This chess problem was published in Musical World, 1860. Watch to see how to improve your chess strategies. The Queen is an import ...more

Chess : The Ultimate PvP On-the-Go

Sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, I found I couldn’t browse the internet on my smartphone anymore. My eyes were tired from reading and there were no headphones to listen to music. There are no magazines at this dentist’s office, just an old TV playing Russian music videos ...more

How To : Master SCRABBLE & Win Every Game

SCRABBLE. To some it's just a game, but to me it's life or death. Well, not really, but it feels that way anyway. On a normal weekend, a game becomes much like Jon Thomas' "friendly game of death Scrabble." Video: . When I'm playing a game of SCRABBLE, my friends are not frien ...more

News : Talent is Over-Rated by Geoff Colvin

The famed chessmaster Capablanca was once asked how many moves ahead he saw when playing a game of chess. His answer? "I see only one move ahead, but it is ALWAYS the right move." Such confidence! How did he get it? Cognitive scientists and neurologists have long been fascina ...more

How To : Checkmate in three moves on your chess game

Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk shows you in this chess video tutorial how to checkmate your opponent in just three simple moves. This mate in three moves problem is by Carlo de Grandi. See how white plays and mates in 3 moves. This is just the first step to becoming a mighty ...more

How To : Play and spot opening chess moves

Chess is a strategy and logical deduction game between two players that is enjoyed by children and adults alike, from park benches to convention halls across the world. Though the game of chess has taken many variations over its long history, today's form involves black and wh ...more

How To : Play xiangqi, also known as Chinese chess

Chinese chess is the world’s most popular board game. Chinese chess, also known as xiangqi, has been played throughout East Asia for over 1000 years. The playing pieces have traditionally been identified using Chinese characters, so only those who could read Chinese characters ...more

How To : Play Shogi

Shogi is Japanese chess. It is a unique game of strategy. Captured pieces can be replayed and most pieces can be promoted when entering the opponent's territory.

How To : Beat a rook with a queen in chess endgames

Watch as Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk teaches you how to play chess in this chess video tutorial. This will show you how to use a winning strategy in Queen vs Rook endgames. If you can't figure out the solution to this chess study on getting the Queen to overcome the Rook, ...more

How To : Semi-bluff in Texas Hold'em poker

See when and how to use the semi-bluff strategy for your Texas Hold'em poker game. The semi-bluff move means that you have a marginal hand with 'outs' that can improve your hand.

How To : Play a game of marble solitaire

During this day and age of video games and HD televisions, more kids are relying on electronics to keep them entertained. But, for many people who grew up without such things, simple board games like chess, checkers, and even Monopoly was all they needed. Another great game wa ...more

How To : Play the Ruy Lopez opening in chess

In this video shows a very informative chess match between Richard Retie and Capablanca. This video teaches a viewer various different strategies for an avid chess player or a beginner go hone his skills in a match. The video is narrated and shows the match as it plays out as ...more

How To : Use cross-court tennis shots

Improve your cross-court game in tennis, from forehands to return strategy. Learn how to improve cross-court game and shots in tennis with this free video lesson. Part 1 of 11 - How to Use cross-court tennis shots. Use cross-court tennis shots - Part 2 of 11. Click through to ...more

How To : Play the board game Go

You know how to play the board game Go, but not really. You just started, you're a beginner, you know nothing of this game that originated in China. You know nothing of strategy, you know nothing of defense, you know nothing about winning the Go game. Sometimes, you can't even ...more

How To : Generate your own chess candidate move orders

These two videos focus on analyzing chess positions, and generating candidate move orders from the position without moving the pieces or using computer analysis. The goal is to improve the ability to generate lines and variations mentally during a game, and to try to come up w ...more

How To : Control yoga breath with a breathing theme

Watch this how to video to use a breathing theme with your stretches. Improve your flexibility and stronger mind body connection with yoga. This yoga breathing theme makes your stretches wonderfully fluid and helps you pace your breathing. It's a good strategy when flexibility ...more

How To : Play the card strategy game Mystery Rummy Case #1

Check out this how-to video for a discussion of the card strategy game, Mystery Rummy Case #1 with its designer, Mike Fitzgerald. Mystery Rummy Case #1 is a two to four player game. Take a look at these Mystery Rummy cards! If you like games like Monopoly, Risk, Stratego, Dun ...more

How To : Make a Sequel to a Game

If your company has already released some popular and addictive game and you're thinking about creation a sequel, this article is just what you need. We gathered the main tips and advices that will be useful for the building a strategy and a sequel itself. Check out the follow ...more

How To : Create realistic looking drawings and paintings

Merrill offers up some of this best tips for making your works of art more realistic. There's three very important strategies for improving your the lifelike quality of your drawings and paintings, and in this video, he demonstrates them for you. Tip one is to eliminate lines ...more

How To : Catch the black queen in a chess middle game

This chess game video tutorial from Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk shows you how to catch the black queen in a chess game. This example is from the game Najdorf vs Reshevsky. What happens after Black plays 1...Bxb2? See for yourself. This is a great way to learn chess strate ...more

How To : Talk Effectively to Your Child's Sports Coach

Parents and coaches are the two most important part of most young athlete's support systems that allow them to excel in their chosen sports. Unfortunately, friction often occurs between these two groups when their opinions of what is best for the young athletes in their charge ...more

How To : Run bunt defenses as an infielder in baseball

This collection of instructional videos from BaseballRox with baseball player Max Luckhurst will help you develop your infield mechanics in the sport of baseball. These baseball videos are aimed to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field. This se ...more

How To : Play Better in Counter Strike Source

So You're New to Counter Strike Source? So you're new to Counter Strike Source and you want to improve your gameplay? Great. You've come to the right place. The first step to improving your game is to admit that you are a NEWB or NEWBIE. Do not confuse this with NOOB. A "new ...more

Checkmate and... Checkmate : Bizarre Three-Way Chess Game

In a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, character Sheldon Cooper designed a highly complicated three-person game of chess, with an odd-shaped nonagon board and two new pieces—serpent and old woman. Seemingly pioneering, in truth, three-player chess has been around since th ...more

How To : Improve your ability to recall important information

Your memory can always be improved! This video teaches you several useful strategies for studying and test preparation, based on meditation and mnemonic techniques to increase your ability to memorize facts and figures accurately. Get the most out of your education!

How To : Practice passing with NBA star Steve Nash

Steve Nash teaches you how to pass properly. This NBA star's professional advice on improving your passing with definitely make you a better basketball player. This TNT NBA Fundamentals gives you pro basketball advice for improving your own game. Be a better hoop star with th ...more

How To : Save gas with eight secret tips

Think you know every trick to improving your gas mileage? Here are fuel-saving strategies that aren't common knowledge. Watch this video to learn how to achieve better gas mileage and save money on gas. You will need: overdrive cruise control shaded parking spots radial tire ...more

How To : Play the deadliest attack known in chess

What is the deadliest attack? Well, it's from a position from a game played by Duras and Spielmann. If you want to be a chess master, then you're going to have to learn the secrets of the game, the strategies, the chess maneuvers. Learn how to play the deadliest attack known i ...more

How To : Use the king's gambit accepted line in chess openings

This explores Bobby Fischer's strategies in, and versus, various openings. This video looks at Fischer's play in the King's Gambit Accepted opening (ECO C33). The match was played in 1968 against Minic Dragoljub at the Vinkovci tournament. Learn from the masters!

How To : Shoot in water polo

Shooting in water polo is a basic skill for attackers. Water polo shot requires good height out of the water, arm position, shoulder rotation, and head stall. Shot strategy is important to building your water polo game. Concentrate on improving your rotation to follow through ...more

How To : Create website traffic via web optimization

There's 6 small techniques to improving traffic on your website via web optimization. Improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to getting traffic to your site, especially a small business that needs to compete online. Lincoln explains 6 small business marketi ...more

How To : Practice the build up drill against the wall

Cary Kolat demonstrates wrestling technique - collegiate offense - feet drills collegiate - proper penetration. Check out this wrestling lesson to improve your technique. Wrestling video demonstrations showing collegiate level training strategies. Get an inside look ...more

How To : Volley in tennis like Roger Federer

If you're familiar with tennis, you would know that volleying can be both risky and difficult. But often a good volley can determine the outcome of a match. In this instructional video, Penn State tennis player Mark Barry teaches you how to properly volley in tennis like the p ...more

How To : Write a successful college essay in nine steps

Motivational speaker and leadership coach Tim Warneka teaches how to write a successful college essay in nine simple steps. Read and understand the directions and expectations the professor has for the assignment. Sit down and write whatever comes to mind on the topic. Edit yo ...more

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