In Flash Cs3 Professional

How To : Work with text in Flash CS3 Professional

This video shows you how to work with the Text tool, and how to style text using the Property Inspector in Flash CS3 Professional. You learn about the difference between dynamic, input, and static text fields. This tutorial also covers device fonts, and explains the benefits o ...more

How To : Import and use video in Flash CS3 Professional

This video shows you how to import video into Flash, select a skin for the FLVPlayback component, place the video in the component, and test the application. You also learn how to import and preview FLV files using Bridge. Check out this video by Richard Galvan now! Import and ...more

How To : Export QuickTime files from Flash CS3 Professional

This video shows the enhancements made to the QuickTime export feature in Flash. You learn how to effectively export content for broadcast, DVD, or video editing applications such as Premiere. Export QuickTime files from Flash CS3 Professional. Click through to watch this vide ...more

How To : Publish FLA files with Flash CS3 Professional

This video show you how to use the Publish Settings dialog box to publish your work. You learn about Flash Player version detection, and how to appropriately export your work for Internet Explorer. Check out the video by Abbas Rizvi now! Publish FLA files with Flash CS3 Profes ...more

How To : Use multiple timelines in Flash CS3 Professional

This video shows you how to work with independent timelines, specifically the main timeline and movie clip timelines. You learn about how multiple timelines can interact, and how to navigate using the edit bar when you have multiple timelines. You nest movie clips and learn ho ...more

How To : Draw with the Pen tool in Flash CS3 Professional

This video shows you how to draw with the Pen tool. You learn how to create and edit paths using the Pen and Sub-selection tools. Check out this wonderful video by Greg Rewis now! Draw with the Pen tool in Flash CS3 Professional. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Create code-free HD video in Flash Pro CS3

Flash CS3 Professional offers users a quick way to get HD content onto their web pages. This tutorial shows you how you can upload HD video content from a DVD or wherever and upload it to the web without using code in Flash Pro CS3. Make sure to pay attention to dimensions whe ...more

How To : Create and animate advanced buttons in Flash CS3

Need to create Flash buttons? You've come to the right place. In this video, learn how to make professional looking, but easy to make, buttons with no scripting. The buttons featured in this tutorial are featured all over the web and on almost every flash site. Create the butt ...more

How To : Create Marvel-style logos using Flash CS3

Marvel's recent string of wildly successful films based on its wildly successful comics have ushered in a whole new era of comic book films. All of the Marvel films have a very cool Marvel logo effect during their opening credits. This video will teach you how to create the sa ...more

How To : Skin components in Flash CS3

This video illustrates to create the skin components in Flash CS3. The procedure to create the skin components are, If you set an FLA to export for Action Script 1, or Action Script 2, the components panel will automatically refresh with the components that you are familiar wi ...more

How To : Create a code free Flash video in Adobe Flash CS3

You can easily get your flash video up and running on your web page without having to write one bit of code. See how easy it is to create a code-free Flash video in this Flash CS3 tutorial. If you want to create your own project in Flash and follow along with this tutorial, th ...more

How To : Create optical illusions in Flash CS3

Tony Ross demonstrates how to create optical illusions in Flash. In the first video he creates a spinning illusion of circles with cycling gradients using Motion Tweens and Rotation Options. In the second video, create a tunnel illusion using Motion Tweens and Masking. The las ...more

How To : Create buttons with Flash CS3

This Flash video tutorial looks at the basics of making buttons in Flash CS3. It covers the various states of buttons, and how to make a working rollover effect.

How To : Create 3D logos using Flash CS3 and Swift 3D

The value of having a good logo for your enterprise, no matter what it is, is not new and very great. Flash and other modern digital art tools have taken the art of logo creation to heights never before imagined. This video will teach you how to create a cool 3D logo using Fla ...more

How To : Import video into Flash CS3

Need to import your videos into Flash CS3? Look no further, this tutorial is for you. In the following video, learn how to import and compress your video files and convert them to flash video! Matters covered in this tutorial include: Importing flash video, compressing the vid ...more

How To : Use basic coding for Flash video in Flash CS3

You can't get away with working in Flash CS3 and not using ActionScript and code forever. If you are ready to make the jump and get started with basic coding, watch this tutorial. This tutorial starts with a visual analogy about how streaming Flash video works and moves on to ...more

How To : Master the basics of Adobe Flash CS3

Flash CS4 may be the newest, most sexy version of Flash, but some people prefer the older, more distinguished CS3 version. This video will walk you through all the basics of using flash CS3 slowly and forgivingly. Follow along, and you'll be well on your way to mastering Flash ...more

How To : Use masks in Flash CS3

This software tutorial shows you how to use masks in Flash CS3. Colin Smith explains what masks are and shows you how to open up creative possibilities by leveraging their power. Animate an image inside text and create a funky border with masks in Flash CS3. Use masks in Flash ...more

How To : Create rain in Flash CS3

In this Adobe Flash CS3 tutorial you will learn how to create rain. Chris Georgenes shows you how to create animated rain drops in Flash CS3. He also shows you how to create puddles and put everything together for one cool rainy watery effect in Flash. Create rain in Flash CS3 ...more

How To : Create a preloader in Flash CS3

Flash CS3 can be fun to use and handy for a load of different reasons. You can create small videos of stick men chasing each other or use it to benefit yourself or someone you know. So in this video tutorial, witness how to make a preloader in Adobe Flash CS3. In this tutoria ...more

How To : Create motion tween fades within Adobe Flash CS3

See how to create simple motion tween fades when working in Adobe Flash CS3. Whether you're new to Adobe's popular Flash-development platform or a seasoned web developer looking to better acquaint yourself with Flash CS3, you're sure to benefit from this free software tutorial ...more

How To : Work with packages in Adobe Flash Professional CS5

In this clip, we learn how to work with packages in Adobe Flash Professional. Whether you're new to the Adobe's popular Flash authoring application or are a seasoned Flash developer merely looking to better acquaint yourself with Flash Professional CS5, you're sure to be well ...more

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