How To : Use a purse string suture during surgery

The purse string stitch is one of the more specialized stitches used during surgery: the purse string suture. This suture is used to seal an opening in a hollow organ in the body, like when a feeding tube is being inserted. It is a challenging maneuver, and mostly useful in in ...more

How To : Import Your Health Records onto Your iPhone

Mobile phones are not only essential for work and communication, they're quickly becoming an integral asset to our health. Your iPhone can store valuable data about fitness, nutrition, heart health, and so much more. And since iOS 11.3, your iPhone can even import a list of al ...more

How To : Care for a medial collateral ligament knee injury

The MCL or the medial collateral ligament is a thick fibrous tissue that spans the distance between the bottom of the thigh bone and the top of the tibia on the inside of the knee joint. A MCL injury is caused by stretching or tearing of the MCL ligament in the knee. Learn mor ...more

How To : Treat a nosebleed

Nosebleed or the official term is epistaxis is bleeding from the nasal cavity. Nose bleeds are very common and are often caused by dry air, illness, or trauma. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatments of nose bleeds in this medical how-to video. Take Action Apply ...more

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