Invedit Minecraft


Minecraft is the new thing. Its an 8bit game where everything is made out of blocks. There is no limit to what you can make as long as you have the supplies. Certain blocks take longer to break than others. This is where INVedit comes in. It allows you to instantly get items i ...more

How To : Duplicate items in the Minecraft game

This tutorial shows you how to take advantage of a glitch in the Minecraft game so you can easily and quickly duplicate your items. Don't worry about using Cheat Engine or INVedit, just follow this easy procedure for more inventory items!

How To : Hack the game Minecraft using Cheat Engine 5.5

Don't like using INVedit? Fortunately, you can use Cheat Engine to accomplish many of the same things. This tutorial shows you how to use the hacking program Cheat Engine (version 5.5) to hack your inventory and available items in Minecraft.

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