Invisible Palm

How To : Perform the "invisible palm" magic card trick

Learn how to do a card trick! Yes, learn some magic you can do with all of those playing card decks lying around your house. This young girl will show you in this video tutorial, how to perform the "invisible palm" magic card trick. It isn't just an illusion, it's deception, i ...more

News : Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzles Her Vajayjay - t.m.i?

Jennifer Love Hewitt kick starts a new trend that involves swarovski crystals and, ahem, the bikini line. The name for it is vajazzling (definition: bedazzling your...lady parts, aka vagina adornment). Watch below as Hewitt explains it all to George Lopez. "After a breakup, a ...more

How To : Do the floating match card trick

Use your magic skills to perform this hot trick at your next party. You Will Need * Tape * A playing card * Magician’s invisible thread * A match * An audience Step 1: Tape string Tape one end of the invisible string to one corner of the card. Step 2: Wrap card Wind the stri ...more

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