News : Jackass 3D Prank Contest

Welcome to the Official Jackass 3D Prank Contest Submission Page Think you've got the wit and imagination to be a Jackass? Well, here's your chance. Johnny Knoxville and Jackass 3D crew are hosting the first ever Jackass 3D Prank Contest to celebrate the upcoming release of t ...more

News : Pictures From The Jackass Operation

Winner Grayson Robison gets to hang out with Johnny & Danger. Johnny Knoxville checks out the verisimilitude of the Operation artwork on Danger Ehren. The crew starts rigging the board for just the right amount of shock. Johnny Knoxville gets a little frisky. Johnny Knoxvi ...more

News : Let's Wreck Stuff! Cap'n Video, the Original Jackass

We love all things Jackass at WonderHowTo, but before Johnny Knoxville and his pals were sticking fireworks up their butts, snorting wasabi, and taking a shock to the gonads (à la the childhood game, Operation), in the far off land of Ontario, Canada reigned another daredevil— ...more

News : Jackass Idea Stunt!

Stretch open someones @$$ Pour diet coke into said @$$ hole Drop original flavoured mentos into coke drenched @$$ hole Watch the fire works and enjoy Warnings Can cause damage to @$$ hole

News : Jackass Pain Olympics

Have each cast member do the most painful thing they can do to themselves, and whoever does the most funny/painful thing wins. Sort of like the BME pain olympics.

How To : catch a predator (possibly jackass member)

step 1: hire a young, HOT teenage actress (someone who looks believably 18 or older), some actors to play L.A.P.D cops and the host of "To Catch a Predator" Chris Hansen. step 2: have the actress flirt with an un-suspecting male (could be one of the jackass crew or not) for a ...more

News : Jackass Wax Stiffy

Back in November I visited The Hollywood Wax Museum on Hollywood Blvd. After pacing through the entire museum, I was bothered deep down in the guch area that there were no Jackass wax mannequins! So I took the liberty of making my own Johnny Knoxville mannequin. The plan was t ...more

News : Watch The Jackass 3D Prank Tonight On Jimmy Fallon

It's time! After all this energy spent debating which prank is better, you'll get to see the Operation in Real Life prize-winning prank performed tonight on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Stay up late, and set your DVRs so you can rewind. Looks like Fallon's going to be partic ...more

News : Jackass Versus The "Volcano"

The Jackass cast are placed in a large plexiglass container. Nudity is optional. They are then filled-up in baking soda to their chest. Then a Big Dump Truck or Tanker truck or at least a whole bunch of dudes with open drum barrels filled with white vinegar are dumped into the ...more

News : Jackass 3D Prank Contest Winner Prank

Pick a winner from the mass amounts of contestants. When their flight gets there, have a limo (a real shitty one) pick them up to charter them to a desired location. On the way the Limo driver gets pulled over (fake cop of course) and the Limo driver goes to jail for warrants. ...more

News : Jackass In 4D

Hold a free demo of the 3d technology in jackass 3d on the street. However the TV will not be a real TV. It will simply be stunt glass with the jackass logo on it. Or it would be better if you had a freeze frame on the screen of wee man with Preston behind him. The picture wo ...more

News : jackass LA

i keep giving detailed descriptions but i cannot copy and paste on this website and it keeps having errors and kicks me out! about to pull some hair out because of this.to view my true description here is a link:http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k337/sk8rhunter/descriptionjac ...more

News : More Jackass on MOVIES

This is just a comment but I'd like really much if u take it as an advice too It would be awesome if u make more movies and not serie, 'cause i don't know what happened to the serie ends up so quickly and it didn't last so much, it was unbelievable to know that, but I think j ...more

News : Jackass In a box

in brief: The concept of “Jackass in a box” is for a jackass to walk into a special box, where he is strapped into a bucket seat and cut off from the outside world, his buddies then load this box onto a truck headed for a new secret location, this could be anywhere crazy and ...more

News : makin a jackass team

hey guys, i'm making my own jackass crew, i am calling it dumb-ass-kids. alright, keep me post, this is commander chieftan, over and out

News : The Jackass Olympic Games

Have you got the olympic balls!!!! Nuts this is going to hurt!!!! The Jackass Olympics is a test not only of athleticism but also what every true sportsman or in some case women should have balls of steel!!I foresee the event to be a close contest, with the winner being awarde ...more

News : Jackass Chick style

Imagine a Jackass movie with all girls in it. Let's show everyone how a girl can do everything these jackass stars can do. We'd just need to change it up a bit. Instead of punching eachother in the penis , girls would punch in the boob. Instead of having fake saggy balls that ...more

News : Jackass Pitfall

Remember the game pitfall on Atari? Take that exact scenario and create an actual Pitfall obstacle course complete with rope swings, snakes, quick sand, crocodiles, ladders, scorpions, rolling logs, boulders, moats, walls . . . and then throw in some classic Jackass stuff like ...more

News : Jackass Pranks

Jackass can try bungee jumping from an awesomely tall building but instead of having the normal bungee gear..y'all can make it out of cloth. Jackass can drop into a bank dressed as robbers and scare the shit out of the personnel there. Y'all can build a personal car and try it ...more


Ive noticed when Im drunk I SUCK HARD. By that I mean I give some serious hickeys. Not a little romantic pink mouth size thing. Im talkin some major black, blue, purple, red broken blood capillary, teeth included, raping the whole side of a neck type shit. It looks majorly bru ...more

News : The Jackass Beatdown

The Jackass Beatdown Due to the rise of popularity in Mixed MArtial Arts (MMA), i think it would be hilarious if the jackass crew entered the cage to fight real UFC fighters!!! For example A Fight Card could be Main event - Johnny Knoxville vs Brock Lesnar Steve-o vs Chuc ...more

News : jackass guys

Jackass guysI have been laughing my ass off watching you since episode 1. I have many prank ideas for you but the best one is to have vallet parking for bam and return his car to him in horrible condition, possibly a different car, only to find out he was set up. Im sure we ca ...more

News : The death of a jackass (or so we'll think)!!!

Have one of the most beloved characters on jackass(steve-o,jhonny,bam) fake his death for the world to see, have them pretend to rob a bank and have a cop in there at the same time, so when they hold up the bank they get shot and since its a bank there will be cameras so thats ...more

News : A real Jackass

Warnings Do not attempt Do not attempt ever Just don't do it Chris Pontius: Oh Deer! The idea is Chris would introduce himself and the title of the game. He'd put on antlers and run out in the woods. All the other Jackass members would be the deer hunters and have tazers an ...more

News : Human Jackass

This is what I want. I want the guys who are willing to do so to eat the same string, one after the next. We'd need a really long string for this to work, but it definitely could, and we'd get the camera guy to puke eventually! Seriously, one of the guys could simply eat a ...more

Jackass Mail // or : The Nine Stooges

This has nothing to do with the US postal service.There was a western made in 1942 called "Jackass Mail". Have the gang remake an X-rated version of the movie or redo some of the best 3 Stooges scenes, by using actual black and white film equpment from the early 1940's. Simili ...more

One Night Stand : The Late Late Show With Jackass

Johnny Knoxville is booked as a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Unbeknown to Ferguson, the producers are in cahoots with Jeff Tremaine & Knoxville. A mystery stooge is placed in the audience to be brought up at the beginning of the show as every once in a whil ...more

News : jackass football

have the jackass guys playing football. only thing is the feild is riged with explosions, traps, snakes and aligators. the traps are hidden in the feild so the jackass guys dont know were they are. best to five wins!

News : 70's Jackass

As everything is like modern maybe things should be taken back in time. So maybe the crew should dress up in the 70's style and like go around doing prank that would of been done in the 70's. Is pretty random but thought it would be awesome.

News : Jackass Bowling

Build a giant sling shot, use Weeman as the bowling ball, and throw him at the blindfolded Jackasses who are the pins :P

News : Virtual Jackass!

Make a CGI jackass Virtual reality program (really just a video). Tell the person putting on the helmet that it seems so real that they'll feel it. In the video have the characters come up to the person and kick him in the balls and other stuff. While the video does this one o ...more

News : Jackass 3d Contest

The Rum Punch.You sit there with a glass of Rum, drink it, then have one of your buddy's punch you hard in the face. Also funnier to do when you are drunk.Extreme Pub crawl.Go from one bar to the next, whilst wearing roller skates, the more drunk you get and the more uphill cl ...more

News : When Jackass flies

Get a member of the crew to go parasailing behind a boat. Then when the person is in the air the rest of the people use him as target practice with some paintball guns.

News : The Ultimate SCRABBLE Word List Resource

To some, SCRABBLE is just a board game to play during family game night or during a casual get-together. Others think of SCRABBLE as a mere hobby. But with any activity, there will always be fanatics—the ones who would rather sell their soul than stop—the ones with a constant ...more

News : Bad Crossdresser

So as we all know, everyone in Jackass likes to dress up like old men, and ITS FUNNY!! Also, we have all seen crossdressers that clearly are not women. So, lets have all the Jackass guys dress like really bad crossdressers (Im taling like beards and goatees with mini skirts) a ...more


Dirty SCRABBLE. Everybody likes to play dirty, but we're not talking bluffing with fake words or closing up the board—we're talking actual "dirty" and offensive words. Despite the exclusion of offensive words in the bowdlerized Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary (OSPD), the ...more

News : Knoxville Picks Prank Contest Honorable Mentions

Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass boys have finally returned from their whirlwind world tour promoting Jackass 3D. Along with their return comes the long-awaited Honorable Mentions for the Jackass 3D Prank Contest. So, straight from the source, a note from Knoxville: As you kn ...more

News : Pop blackheads - ewwwwww

In case you missed it, we're in the middle of an election! Move over Obama and McCain, the WonderHowTo Awards have the best candidates! Issue of the day-- healthcare, more specifically zit care. (To explain the order sequence, this first Jackass video grossed us so far out th ...more

How To : Use a beer bong

Do you go to the kinds of parties where people whip out beer bongs and drink like idiots? Well, maybe you want to drink like a jackass too. Watch this video boozing tutorial and learn how to use a beer bong. You'll get wasted in no time.

News : diet coke and mentos butt rocket

Diet coke and mentos butt rocket A member of the jackass crew would get diet coke into their ass the same way you guys did the beer thing with steve-o and then somehow wedge? them in therefore creating a stream a diet coke shooting out of the lucky crew members ass. Warnings ...more

Exclusive Footage : Ferris Wheel Nut Shot

Only two weeks left to submit your pranks to the Jackass 3D Prank Contest. Don't miss the chance to pull pranks with Johnny Knoxville himself! To inspire you, a video. Straight from the source.... Never before seen footage: The Ferris Wheel Nut Shot.

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