Jessica Alba Updos

How To : Create a Jessica Alba/Greek goddess updo

Starlet hair need not be complicated, fussy, or difficult to do - it just needs to look damn good on the red carpet when the flash bulbs are popping. Learn how to get a Jessica Alba/Greek goddess inspired messy, pinned up updo by watching this video. Jessica Alba sported this ...more

How To : Create an elegant Jessica Alba inspired loose updo

Letting your hair down is never a bad look, but sometimes the dependable choice turns into the dull one. Polish your hairstyle skills and your hair at the same time by watching this video on how to create a voluminous bun inspired by a look Jessica Alba recently wore to an eve ...more

How To : Get a Jessica Alba inspired teased crown hairstyle

The half up, half down hairstyle complete with teased crown has been adopted by many girls about town for both its easiness to do and sexy, face-framing nature. Learn how to get this style seen on Jessica Alba and more recently on Miley Cyrus for her "Can't Be Tamed" music vi ...more

How To : Create Jessica Alba inspired daytime smokey eyes

More likely than not, you're going to be doing smokey eyes off and on for the rest of your life because the makeup look flatters whether you're 21 or 52, going to graduation or just going to work. Learn how to do Jessica Alba inspired smokey eyes by watching this video. This ...more

How To : Do the top three exercises to firm your butt

Unfortunately, your booty won't get round and firm if all you do is sit and eat potato chips on the couch. If you want a derriere that would make Jessica Alba jealous then get off your lazy butt and start moving what your mama gave you around! Check out this episode of Sarah ...more

How To : Get bikini-ready abs with an ab toning yoga flow

As women, we're naturally prone to complaining about our bodies. Either our pores are too big or our boobs are too small or our abs are not small enough. There's really no limit to what we bash ourselves about, and it varies from day to day (thanks, societal beauty standards). ...more

How To : Tone your core with a stability ball ab plank

Unless your name is Jessica Alba, you probably weren't born with a pack of abs that resembles a cheese grater. But whether you're skinny as a rail or have recently let yourself go (to McDonald's a few too many times) and are concealing a nice pair of man boobs, you can perfect ...more

News : Little Fockers (2010)

Here is the movie trailers for the feature film "Little Fockers" directed by Paul Weitz Here are a collection of movie clips from the feature film "Little Fockers" cast: Robert De Niro Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Jessica Alba Blythe Danner Teri Polo Laura Dern Harvey Keitel ...more

How To : Do a bicep curl with an exercise ball incline

Unless you're tightrope walking, stability is quite a fun killer. Relish in the unknown by learning how to do bicep curls with an exercise ball incline. By forcing your core and your back to deal with the bouncy, unstable nature of the ball, you'll have to work those areas in ...more

News : Extract whiteheads & blackheads - the RIGHT way

Behold, a topic both repulsive and utterly irresistable at the same time. Jackpot. Kate Somerville is truly one of the Los Angeles gurus of skin health. She owns a local medispa and an eponymous skin care line. (And hint: Jessica Alba depends on her). Jackpot. This is a to ...more

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