Jib Diy

How To : Build a camera jib crane

In this DIY video, we show you how we built our camera crane. This was all done with a table saw, drill and hack saw. Parts for the crane: Lazy susan Boards Nuts & bolts Screws Old clothes hanger Old tripod Aluminum strips Equipment used: Sony HDR-HC3 Camcorder Sony Playstation

How To : Build a cheap camera jib arm

Movies take us places we've never been before, and a big tool that has contributed to that age-old phrase "movie magic" is the camera jib arm. Kind of like a camera extendeder, the jib arm is like a rotating crane that you can place your camera on top of. It allows you to sho ...more

How To : Make a hand held jib

How to build a hand held jib out of easily obtained materials from a building supply store to make more interesting videos. Part 1 of 2 - How to Make a hand held jib. Part 2 of 2 - How to Make a hand held jib.

How To : Roller furl the jib when sailing

This video shows roller furling of a jib in 5 knots of wind. Mild tensing is kept on the jib's sheet to enable the jib to warp tightly around the headstay. In high wind conditions, this is best done in a deep running reach. The mainsail will tend to shield the jib from the win ...more

How To : Build a $25 camera crane

The guys at Indy Mogul show you the Camera Crane (turbo mini jib) that ANYONE can afford! Attach it to your tripod and that good looking girl in your English class might mistake you for George Lucas...not sure if that'll help your chances with her, though.

How To : Heave to in sailing

In sailing, the term "heave to" means slowing down the boat's progression in such a way that the boat doesn't need to be steered directly. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to heave to in sailing. To do this, the rudder will need to be turned so it's forcin ...more

How To : Create a zero budget plank camera

We love these guys because they do it for the love of it. How can you get those smooth tracking shots that glide over obstacles without track, steadycam, jib or all those other expensive pieces of equipment? Find a plank!

How To : Assemble the Kessler KC-Lite Camera Crane

Kessler's flagship camera crane is the KC-8 Basic, and the KC-Lite 8.0 offers a stripped down, easier to manage version. In this tutorial you'll learn how to put together the KC-Lite crane, and you'll also get a quick demonstration of the crane in action. Description from Kes ...more

How To : Use camera stabilization equipment

In this episode, we dive into the expensive, or, at the least, tedious realm of camera stabilization equipment. This ranges from the all-powerful, all-knowing fluid tripod head, to the much used and often abused dolly. We don't own and operate an actual Steadicam or a jib or a ...more

How To : Tie the Bowline Navy League knot

Learn how to tie the Bowline Knot. For Navy League use. One of the handier knots in sailing, the bowline (shown above) forms an eye or loop in the end of a line. In sailing the bowline knot connects the JIB SHEETS (lines/ropes) to the JIB (foresail). Tie the Bowline Navy Leag ...more

How To : Gybe or jibe while sailing

In a jibe, the the stern of the boat is passed through the wind. both the mainsail and the jib have to be adjusted. Ideally, this maneuver is performed by three sailors, a helmsman and one working each sail. The mainsail is first centered at the beginning of the turn. As the s ...more

How To : Gybe or jibe when sailing

#1. Helmsman: "Get ready to gybe" The crew checks the sheets, secures the new working jib sheet and maintains tension on but uncleats the current working sheet. #2: Crew: "Ready". #3: Helmsman: "gybing" or "Jibe-Ho" The crew or helmsman begins to center the mainsail. This is v ...more

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