Jingle Bells

How To : Play "Jingle Bells" on the piano

Play the verse, chorus, and bass line of "Jingle Bells" on the piano. Learn how to play "Jingle Bells" in this free piano video from a music theory graduate. Part 1 of 13 - How to Play "Jingle Bells" on the piano. Play "Jingle Bells" on the piano - Part 2 of 13. Click through ...more

How To : Play "Jingle Bells" & "Old MacDonald" on violin

Learn how to play the songs "Dreidel," "Jingle Bells," and "Old MacDonald" on the violin with this music tutorial. These songs are quite easy to play and are perfect for the beginning violin students. With the tips in this lesson you can start learning to play the violin. Part ...more

How To : Play the chords to "Jingle Bells" on the guitar

In this how-to video, you will learn how to play the song "Jingle Bells" on the guitar. You will need a guitar, acoustic or electric, and basic knowledge of chords in order to do this. The song consists of the chords C major, F major, G major, and back to the C. This makes the ...more

How To : Play "Jingle Bells" on a keyboard instrument

Want to know how to perform "Jingle Bells" on the piano? Learn how with this free video piano lesson, which presents a complete breakdown of the popular Christmastime song. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate players, pianists of all skill levels can play along ...more

How To : Play "Jingle Bells" on the ukulele

Want to play "Jingle Bells" on the ukulele? Learn how with this free video ukulele lesson from Ukulele Mike. Whether you play the ukulele or bass kazoo, there is no better way to improve your chops than by learning to play your favorite songs. Not only is it more fun and much ...more

How To : Make a jingle bell card using Cricut Storybook

In this video, we learn how to make a jingle bell card using Cricut Storybook. you will need the Cricut Storybook cartridge and Cuttlebug Music Notes folder to do this card. First, you will take a cut out of the word "jingle" that has a bell attached to the bottom of it. You c ...more

How To : Play triads on the piano

This two part how to video covers chords on the piano or keyboard. Learn how to play the 3 note solid and broken triad, as well as D major scale, and the song Jingle bells. The triad is one of the most basic concepts that every pianist, or any musician, should learn. Watch thi ...more

How To : Make a festive holiday wreath for Christmas

Bring a little joy and festivity to this holiday season, check out this do-it-yourself video to see how to make a festive holiday wreath, perfect for creating that festive atmosphere around your house during Christmas. At home on your front door or in a hallway, this cheerful ...more

How To : Belly dance basic beginner moves

How to Belly Dance! Okay, so you can shimmy and you can shake, but you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen a skilled belly dancer strut her stuff. Here are a couple of basic belly-dancing moves to awaken your inner Shakira… You will need: some space - a chunk about six feet ...more

How To : Make a tennis ball dog toy

Your dog doesn't care how much you spend on their toys – they just want to play! Here's how to provide some homemade fun. You Will Need * Tennis balls * A clean sock * Rope * A knife * A jingle bell * A strong needle and thread Step 1 Stuff a tennis ball inside a sweat sock a ...more

How To : Origami a candy cane

Learn how to make an origami candy cane. This Christmas how to video to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock demonstrates how to fold an origami candy cane. Fun origami Christmas craft!

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