Jon Olson

How To : Maintain your home electrical wiring and fixtures

Jon Olson shows us how to replace an electrical outlet and how to replace a wall switch as well as some other electrical tips you can use around the home. Part 1 of 15 - How to Maintain your home electrical wiring and fixtures. Maintain your home electrical wiring and fixtures ...more

How To : Use a laser line level and stud finder

In this video series, watch as expert craftsmen Jon Olson teaches how to use and maintain a laser line lever and stud finder tool. Learn some basic safety tips and how to detect metal and wood studs. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use a laser line level and stud finder. Use a laser lin ...more

How To : Use an electric grass trimmer

In this landscaping video series, learn how to use an electric grass trimmer from expert Jon Olson. Jon will give you general safety precautions and electrical requirements for edging your lawn with an electric grass trimmer. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use an electric grass trimmer ...more

How To : Cut and bend sheet metal

In this series of video clips, you’ll learn tips and techniques for using various types of metal shears, including how to use hand-held and foot-operated types of metal shears, and how to use a metal press and metal hole punch. Expert Jon Olson offers advice on cutting procedu ...more

How To : Use a finishing sander

In this online video series, learn how to use a finishing sander and how to maintain it, from woodworking instructor Jon Olson. He will teach you the parts of a finishing sander, and general safety and electrical safety for using a finishing sander. Jon will demonstrate how to ...more

How To : Change your brake fluid

In this video series you'll learn basic brake fluid maintenance and how to change the brake fluid on your vehicle. Expert mechanic Jon Olson walks you through the process step-by-step, explaining how your braking system functions, how to fix a simple leak in your brake line an ...more

How To : Build a sawhorse

In this instructional video, Expert Village construction specialist Jon Olson teaches how to build a sawhorse. He teaches how to find the building plans, tools and materials needed; how to cut and attach the I Beam, legs, sides and end; and finally how to use a sawhorse. Part ...more

How To : Secure your home

In these home security and safety videos, learn how to upgrade your house in some important ways. Our expert, Jon Olson, will show you how to secure your windows and sliding glass doors, some of your home’s most vulnerable entries, with bar locks. Learn how to install a door g ...more

How To : Replace rotted siding on your house

In this online video series, learn from construction expert Jon Olson as he removes and installs new house siding to show you how to replace the siding on your home. Jon will teach you how to check your house siding, what tools and materials you will need to remove your house ...more

How To : Use a finish nailer or brad nailer

In this video series you'll learn how to use a brad nailer from expert Jon Olson. He demonstrates how to lubricate, prepare and load the nail gun, how to deal with a jam, how to set the nail depth and pressure, and basic tool safety. He also shows you how to identify the diffe ...more

How To : Check and fill car fluids

In these videos on automobile maintenance you’ll learn how to check all of the major fluids which keep your car operational. Expert Jon Olson demonstrates how to locate the dipstick to check your engine oil, how to check your transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering flu ...more

How To : Use a power screwdriver

In this online video series learn from power tool expert and Industrial Technology teacher Jon Olson as he teaches and demonstrates how to use and maintain the power screwdriver. Learn important power tool tips and techniques such as construction work area safety, electrical s ...more

How To : Make an art easel for kids

In this series of online videos you'll learn step-by-step instruction for building an artist easel for kids. Expert Jon Olson shows you what materials and supplies you'll need for this project, how to design the different parts of the easel, and how to fit them together, as we ...more

How To : Build storage shelves in the garage & paint walls

In this online video series, learn from DIY home improvement expert Jon Olson, as he demonstrates garage home improvement projects such as installing garage shelves and painting the walls in the garage. Learn what materials and tools you will need, how to prepare garage walls ...more

How To : Use a random orbit sander

In this series of instructional videos, expert Jon Olson demonstrates how to use a random orbit sander, including tips on how to create bevels, replace discs and brushes, empty the dust bag and general cleaning, care and basic maintenance of the tool. He also covers tool safet ...more

How To : Build a custom computer desk

Do you have the perfect spot in your house or office that you want to put your desk and you just can't find one that fits? Well, maybe it's time to build your own! In this video series Jon Olson will show you how to build a custom oak computer desk, right down to the sliding k ...more

How To : Build a computer desk

In this series of instructional woodworking videos, our professional carpenter and experienced wood shop teacher shows you how to make a desk for your computer. From preliminary sketches to staining the final product, Jon Olson shows you exactly how to create this home furnitu ...more

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