Juggling Clubs

How To : Juggle advanced tricks with 3 clubs

Almost anyone can learn to juggle. How many times have you seen a performer or friend juggling and wondered if you could do it? Learn advanced tricks for juggling three clubs in this free hobbies video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Juggle advanced tricks with 3 clubs. Juggle a ...more

How To : Juggle balls and clubs

Find out how to juggle for free! In these free videos you'll learn juggling tricks, including how to juggle balls, clubs, and even flaming torches, & tips and techniques for juggling three and four balls from these online juggling instructions. Part 1 of 15 - How to Juggle bal ...more

How To : Juggle 3 clubs at once for beginners

The creative minds at Soulstyle show you how to juggle three clubs at once with some excellent tips to help get you started. Start by tossing one club in the air and catching it in the correct spot before you more forward into juggling. Once you've got that down pat, toss two ...more

How To : Balance a cane on your chin

Watch this instructional video to learn fun trick, balancing a cane on your chin. Now to begin with, you want to have a good wide stance with your knees bent, keep your back straight and bend your head backwards. Slowly lift the object up onto the chin being very careful to ma ...more

How To : Make a juggling prop rack

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a juggling prop rack. The materials required for this project are: 2x4 pieces of lumber with proper length and space for the props, L-brackets, drawer pulls and trim. The 2x4 pieces of lumber are the shelves that will hold up a ...more

How To : Dance the Salsa hand juggle

Watch and learn the basics of a salsa dance hand juggle performed by addicted2salsa's Julie and Anthony. In salsa dancing, there is more than meets the eye. There are a lot of simple hand-tricks that help you perform a simple move, but still make it complicated to the average ...more

How To : Do cool club tricks

Mika demonstrates how you can do cool club tricks. She juggles with three clubs and does what she calls dancey moves. She juggles two clubs in one hand.

How To : Twirl your clubs

Mika demonstrates how to twirl clubs. Twirling clubs adds spice to your juggling. You should be able to do it with both hands after practice.

How To : Juggle while on a rolla bolla

Watch this instructional video to learn how to juggle clubs while balancing a rolla bolla. Now to begin with, don't even worry about the clubs, focus on the rolla bolla until you're up on it balanced and ready to juggle. So remember keep your knees bent and your vision pointed ...more

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