Kayak Rolls

How To : Eskimo roll when kayaking

Matt Preye teaches you how to make a proper Eskimo roll. An Eskimo roll is the ability to correct a kayak that is upside down. Follow these steps to do it properly: Before you roll over, bring your paddle parallel to your boat. When the boat is upside down you turn your paddle ...more

How To : Do the back deck sweep roll

This video is part of the "identifying your roll" series for kayaking. The back deck sweep roll helps the complete beginner to start in a set up position. It is also well illustrated and explained. Do the back deck sweep roll. Click through to watch this video on broadbandspor ...more

How To : Tie a "Uni-to-Uni" knot for kayak fishing

In this Outdoor Recreation video tutorial you will learn how to tie a "Uni-to-Uni" knot for kayak fishing. When fishing for Tuna, you don’t need a heavy leader. You need a 30 -40 lb test as a leader. Most spools come in 25 yard roll. Take half of the roll and use it as the l ...more

How To : Do kayak tricks

In this tutorial, we learn how to do kayak tricks. The first trick is called the cartwheel trick. This is where you throw the bow of your boat down, bringing the stern over your head and slicing it back into the water behind you. You can do cartwheels over and over and over. T ...more

How To : Build a Redneck Kayak Out of PVC and Duct Tape

The thing about building your own stuff is that it's incredibly satisfying. There's just something about taking the time and dedication to construct something beautiful out of virtually nothing but the necessities. Another reason we build things is because it's cheaper. We've ...more

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