News : World's Fastest Clapper

Behold, Kent "Toast" French, the Guinness World Record holder for fastest clapping. You might say, fast clapping? What kind of feat is that? Well, just watch. The video below gets pretty intense... Kent can clap 721 times in 60 seconds. That's 12 claps per second.

News : Amazing Tape Sculptures

In the DIY community, much is said about the versatility of duct tape. But it's hardly the only game in town. For proof, one needn't look any further than the impressive, diverse tape sculptures submitted to Scotch's second-annual Off the Role tape sculpture competition. The ...more

How To : Set dry ice on fire

Kent Chemistry offers up some of the most exciting chemistry and general science experiments from their lab. Here Mr. Kent illustrates the process of creating fire with dry ice. How does freezing and flame mix? Watch now to see the amazing chemical reaction! This years hallow ...more

News : Make your money fireproof

Recession? What? We have money to burn. But don't worry. KentChemistry has a strategy to keep it in your pocket-- fireproof it! One of our favorite science teachers, Kent, gives us the secret to keep flaming dollars in pristine condition: isopropyl alcohol and water! It's qu ...more

News : Light dry ice on fire

Impossible, right? Ahh, well science says fire and ice can and do coexist. The Science of this experiment:Dry ice at -109ºF, is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), not water (H2O). Dry ice is also much colder than a freezer ice cube. To be exact it is almost as cold as Earth's cold ...more

News : The Invisible Treehouse

Nearly every kid wants a treehouse (as well as many grown-ups). Personally, it's one of my greatest unfulfilled desires. Let's take the fantasy even further. How about an invisible treehouse? Treehotel is a beautiful series of structures set against the backdrop of Harads, S ...more

News : Home brew elephant toothpaste

But elephants don't need toothpaste, do they? Mr. Kent, a Long Island chemistry teacher, is at it again with his after hours experiments. We like to refer to him as Mr. Wizard 2.0. Elephant's toothpaste is what science geeks call this foamy reaction. Chemically it is the dec ...more

How To : Draw Superman using Photoshop

Need Superman in you life, but you can only find Clark Kent? Find out how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a realistic drawing of Superman. Draw Superman using Photoshop. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Combat the induction flu when doing Atkins

If you start to feel sluggish and tired, don't worry it's temporary. Your body is going through withdrawl! Not from drugs, but from carbohydrates. Kent tells you how to combat the induction flu and to be happy, it means the diet is working!

News : Extreme Scrabbling

If you thought playing Scrabble in your grandparents' kitsch and musty old house was your most dangerous gaming experience, you haven't heard of Extreme Scrabble yet. Instead of Scrabblers searching for their highest play possible, they're now getting their thrills playing th ...more

How To : Graph linear equations in algebra

Need to graph a line but aren't sure quite where to begin? It's simple once you understand the whys and wherefores of solving for Y. In this eight-part mathematical video series, instructor Kent Murdic will teach you everything you need to ace your next alegbra test. Part 1 of ...more

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