How To : Perform the KGB force magic card trick

Watch this magic trick tutorial to learn how to perform the KGB force card trick. This card trick video is great for those looking to improve their magic card trick skills. Learn this card trick to start impressing your spectators.

News : KGB Agent Guidelines

These are the KGB Agent Guidelines as taken from kgb Guidelines The Ten Principles of kgb’s 542542 text answering service We are in the answer business because we believe in the value of building a collaborative knowledge community where every member ...more

News : - Answer Questions, Get Paid

If you have tried answering services like KGB or ChaCha than you love I don't know about you guys but when I worked for ChaCha, my approval rating was constantly going down on questions that were accurate. It got so frustrating to the point that I quit and looked fo ...more

News : Russian Pranksters "Dick" Bridge

A radical art group of Russian political pranksters, who go by the name of Voina, have delivered a giant "Up Yours!" to the Russian government... in the form of a 213-foot-tall penis. Animal New York reports on the background of the group and how this particular prank was exe ...more

How To : Play Paper Planes by M.I.A. on acoustic guitar

M.I.A. Guitar Tutorial for acoustic guitar includes the lyrics and chords for the whole song. Get this hit that featured in Slumdog Millionaire right. Standard Tuning: D I fly like paper, get high like planes A G If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name D If you ...more

News : Revisiting Putin

News in a nutshell: US to announce aerial blockade of Syria Protesting against Putin Military Strike will lead to collapse of Israel Assad not ready to resign Vladimir Putin has announced his decision to run for a third time as 'President' of Russia. Thousands of anti-reg ...more

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