Knit Bamboo S

How To : Knit the bamboo stitch pattern

This how-to video demonstrates the bamboo stitch knitting pattern. The bamboo stitch is very textured, and involves yarn-overs on the knit stitches. Watch this video knitting tutorial and learn how to do the bamboo stitch pattern.

How To : Knit the Bamboo Stitch

The bamboo stitch is a beautiful, versatile stitch that can be used for lots of different kinds of projects. I especially love using it for baby blankets and scarves. It is an easy, reversible stitch. Both sides aren't the same, but both are very nice looking. Here are the in ...more

How To : Knit with double pointed needles

Have you ever wanted to knit with double pointed needles? Don't be intimidated by them anymore! Follow along in this great how to video, and you'll be on your way in no time! Learn how to knit with double pointed needles: We are starting with forty stitches. Be sure that stitc ...more

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