How To : Stunt fight Kung Fu style

In this week's episode of Backyard FX, Erik visits the Indy Kung Fu Masters of West Haven Brook to learn some awesome tips for movie fight scenes. They talk about the counting, sound effects, pull backs and camera movement necessary for orchestrating a great fight scene.

How To : Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master

For almost 15 centuries the Shaolin Monastery has been synonymous with the greatest fighting skills on the planet. Boxing Classic: Essential Boxing Methods references the Shaolin Monastery as the birthplace of Chinese Boxing, and the practitioners of this martial art are known ...more

How To : Do Kung Fu techniques

Expert Village is proud to present Shaolin Kung Fu Master Bruce Wen, who shares the secrets he learned after years under the instruction of Shaolin Monks. He shows you the meditation techniques you’ll need to discipline your mind to successfully execute Shaolin punches, block, ...more

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