How To : Make a Flaming Blue Lamborghini fire cocktail

This video will teach you how to make a cocktail called a Flaming Blue Lamborghini. The alcohols are: Barcardi 151, Kahlua, Galiano and Blue Curacao. He uses a martini glass and pours in half an ounce of Bacardi and lights it. The glass is rotated while he adds Kahlua, Galiano ...more

How To : Draw a Lamborghini sports car on a computer

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw a Lamborghini sports car on a computer. If you don't paint the car one portion at a time, you might get confused and your drawing will siffer for it. You should lay down shades of yellow and orange with the paint bucket and fin ...more

News : Aha! So That's Why Everything is Made in China...

Holy Bejesus! Watch as these factory workers stuff playing card decks at robotic turbo speed. Insanely fast. China is kicking everyone's ass... very quickly. **If you're interested in seeing behind-the-scenes footage of China's factories, check out photographer Edward Burtyns ...more

News : Once Again, China Operates as if It's Another Planet

I thought American bicycle couriers were tough. Until I saw these poor Chinese workers carrying literally truckloads of cargo on the back of their bikes. Photographs of Shanghai bicycle carriers by Alain Delorme: Previously, Aha! So That's Why Everything is Made in China... C ...more

News : Oxy Acetylene Spark Plug

I first wanted to say I think its really cool what you guys are doing being involved with your fans. I learned this in the oil field, what you do is use an oxy-acetylene mixture which can be acquired from any cutting torch. You fill plastic bags or gatorade bottles or whatever ...more

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