Larks Knot

How To : Tie a slip, slide and lark's head knot for jewelry

Knotting techniques are essential to learn for cord, leather, or even wire jewelry. A professional looking knot serves functional purposes, and can eliminate the need for clasps, closures, or attaching pieces. Learn how to tie a slip, slide, and lark's head knot by watching th ...more

How To : Make an instant hammock

Tim Anderson shows us how to make a hammock in a minute from a sheet or any big piece of cloth. He teaches us how to tie the over hand knot (which is also known as a half hitch knot) and we learn how to tie a lark head knot. When completed, it sure looks comfy. Make an instant ...more

DIY : Bumps Bracelet with Crystal Chain

How to Make a Macrame Bracelet with Bumps / Balls and Crystal Cup-Chain. Knots that are used in this tutorial are Square Knot and Vertical Lark's Head Knot. This is a great bracelet for beginners! Video: .

How To : FOUR and SIX Strands Crossed Sennit, Chain (DIY)

Using this technique you can wrap a stone or make bracelet. In the future I will show how to wrap a stone using this technique (without any glue). Here is used knot called the Vertical Larks Head, along with crossed elements. Video: . Video: . Source: ...more

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